With Sundari Kutty

Posted: February 7, 2009 in Travel
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Deepa was happy to see us after a long time. Suhana was sleeping and Amar had gone to office. And there was Scooby, running around, to our surprise.

With Scooby

With Scooby

She scolded Vij for not informing them about our Kerala visit and staying with them. She had cooked yummy methi chicken, cooked in a typical Punjabi style, and even gave me the recipe.
By the time we finished lunch, Suhana woke up. In the beginning, she hesitated to come near us, but later on jelled well with me and Vij.



We saw several old photographs of Amar, Deepa and their classmates, of course, Vij’s classmates. Vij and Deepa became nostalgic about their college days and their first job in Bangalore.

Sundari Kutty

Sundari Kutty

In the meantime, door bell rang and Vij went to check who it was. A big surprise awaited him as he opened the door.


Amar was standing in front of him, sans his turban. He had chopped his hair due to health reasons and he looked like a different person altogether.

To me, he looked handsome, as usual! He had lost weight and recovering from his back pain.

With Deepa and Suhana

With Deepa and Suhana

We had a great time together. Time passed without our notice and we had to catch the train at 8.30 pm.

With Amar and Suhana

With Amar and Suhana

We promised them to visit leisurely later and left the house around 8 pm. Amar dropped us to the railway station and it was very difficult to leave Deepa, Amar and Sundari Kutty aka Suhana. We carried dinner packed by Deepa and some fond memories with us.


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