Childless woman

Posted: February 11, 2009 in social issues
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Being tagged as a barren, childless or issueless woman is the most terrific experience one experiences in life. Being childless is like a curse and people around make her life miserable. Not just close relatives and neighbours, even friends and far acquaintances torture her by asking about ‘the special news’. Such queries make push her to depression and force her to try anything and everything to get a child and save her face in society and family. Humiliations increase in get-togethers and functions where relatives and friends come together and find an opportunity to find fault in the woman for not being a mother.

Not all people approach doctors when they find the problem, instead they take refuge in pujas and blame their fate and seek god’s blessings. Men often do not come forward to seek medical advice, but blame women for not begetting a child.
In one such rare incidents, a married woman chopped off a portion of her tongue in front of Lord Shiva’s statue at Siddheshwar Nath temple at Lohargarh in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, on Tuesday to seek the God’s blessings to have a child. (Unfortunately, the place has the name of mythological character Sita, who had jumped into fire to prove her virginity in Ramayana).
Janki, 28, reached the temple with her husband and sought permission of the priest to do decoration of the Lord Shiva statue. (See the resemblance — the woman’s name is Janki, another name of Sita in Ramayana. Don’t know if her husband’s name is Ram or Rama). As soon as Janki was allowed inside, she chopped off a portion of her tongue with a knife and offered it to Lord Shiva. After sacrificing her tongue, Janki performed puja in the temple for nearly six hours. It was only after the police and mediapersons reached the spot the drama came to an end and she was taken to a hospital.
Hope Lord Shiva blesses Janki with a child for her devotion and sacrifice. Time is changing, but not the mindset. Testing women’s patience and endurance in one form or the other is continuing from time immemorial.


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