Cupid Vinayaka

Posted: February 14, 2009 in others, social issues
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Activists of Sri Rama Sene may argue celebrating Valentine’s Day is alien to Indian culture, but a Lord Ganesha temple in Tamil Nadu known as ‘Cupid Vinayaka’ comes alive on V-days with scores of love-struck couples thronging to it.
While elsewhere cupids prefer to spend their time in malls, parks, beaches and restaurants to make V-Day extra special, a large number of youth at Porayar in Tamil Nadu visit the ‘Kadhal Vinayagar ‘(cupid Vinayaka) to pray for the success of their love.
The Vinayaka of this tiny temple near Porayar got the name as it has become a centre of many love marriages.
According to sources, over 40 love marriages, most of them inter-caste marriages, have taken place at the temple during the past two years alone.
Lovers who do not get the approval for marriage from their parents prefer to get married at this temple and go to the nearby sub-registrar’s office to get their marriages registered.
Those who got married at this temple also visit here on Valentine’s Day as a thanks giving gesture.
The original name of the temple was ‘Selva (wealth) Vinayagar’ temple. But now, no one calls it by that name.

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