Talking cars

Posted: February 14, 2009 in science
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How often people might have dreamt of having talking cars after watching Bond movies?
Well, they could soon be a reality, for scientists have reportedly developed a radio-based technology that allows cars to “talk” to each other, analyzing potential accidents and advising the driver.
A team in Australia has developed the radio technology which will provide warnings to drivers of potential intersection crashes, rear-end collisions and lane drift. Moreover, it could be available in everyday vehicles as soon as 2012, means within three years!
According to scientists, the technology will also enable traffic flow management and optimize selection of route for drivers, reducing the costs of traffic congestion as well as greenhouse emissions.
Reports say that scientist Prof Alex Grant of UniSA Institute for Telecommunications Research says the radio technology combines GPS and Wi-Fi like communications to enable vehicles to talk to each other effectively. On board processing units assess the risk of an accident and provide advice to the driver. This technology equips vehicles with the ability to see around corners and to predict and avoid dangerous situations.


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