Lad’s sister blames their dad

Posted: February 15, 2009 in social issues


Published: 14 Feb 2009 The Sun

SCHOOLBOY Alfie Patten’s sister yesterday laid the blame for him becoming a father at 13 on their own feckless dad running off with a teenage girl.
Dennis Patten, 45, tore his family apart by dumping them for a 19-year-old friend of his stepdaughter.

The father of seven — who is also dad to three stepkids — is still living with new love “Maz”, now 21.

Daughter Nicole — Alfie’s 19-year-old half-sister — declared: “I blame my dad for Alfie getting Chantelle pregnant.

“If it wasn’t for him, Alfie wouldn’t be in this situation. When Dad left it tore the family to pieces.

“Alfie’s mum took her eye off the ball — and Alfie looked for comfort somewhere else to take his mind off things.”

She said her stepmum Nicola was “devastated” when she rumbled Dennis’s fling two years ago — when Alfie was just 11. The couple had been wed for 14 years after Dennis divorced Nicole’s mum.

He and his new wife had three children together — Joe, 16, Alfie and Isabella, 11.

Venting her fury at her father, Nicole declared: “Dennis has never been a dad to me. He’s shown me no affection, hardly even a hug since as far back as I can remember. When we heard about Alfie becoming a dad, Dennis didn’t quite seem to be really interested.

“He never spoke to Alfie properly, never said a word about how big a thing it was to become a dad. He just ignored it.”

Along with the three kids Dennis had with Alfie’s mum, he is father to Nicole’s brother Richard, 23, and sister Suzannah, 22. A seventh child Leyton — now 23 — he fathered with a previous lover.

Nicole said of the tangled family: “My mum had children when they met. There are ten of us altogether.”

They include a 21-year-old stepdaughter Jade — who Alfie’s mum was raising when she met Dennis.

It was Jade’s friend who Dennis ran off with. The two teenagers went to the same football club in Eastbourne

Nicole told how her father did not even ring Alfie at the hospital when he became a dad. She said: “Alfie had to call him.”

She described her half-brother as a typical soccer-mad boy of 13 — obsessed with shooting games on his Xbox.

She said: “I think he’ll probably join the Army when he’s older.

“He was over the moon when a relative gave him some ornamental guns which were used in the Second World War. I adore Alfie. I don’t like saying it because there are a lot of us, but he is really, really special to me.”

She insisted he would be a “good dad” — despite his “typical” immaturity. Nicole said: “He’s good around kids and he always used to try and help out.

“But he’s still a kid himself. He has a Chucky doll which he absolutely loves and he still has now.

“Alfie has a lot of people around him to offer support.

“As long as he knows that then I think him and Maisie and Chantelle will be fine.”

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