Alfie agrees to take DNA test

Posted: February 16, 2009 in social issues
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Published: 15 Feb 2009 The Sun

BOY dad Alfie Patten has said he WILL take a DNA test to prove he is the father of his teen girlfriend’s child.
Alfie, 13, was shockingly revealed as Britain’s youngest dad by The Sun last week after Chantelle Steadman gave birth to baby girl Maisie.

But it has emerged today that THREE other local youths are claiming to be the father of the child.



And Alfie has said he is happy to take a paternity test to prove he is the father and protect 15-year-old Chantelle’s reputation.

Speaking from his home in Essex yesterday Alfie said: “Other stupid boys are lying, saying bad things, like they have slept with Chantelle too.

Read about who is claiming to be the real father at The News of the World.

“But I am the only boyfriend she has had and we’ve been together for two years, so I must be the dad.

“When she found out she was having a baby, I asked her ‘Am I the dad?’ and she went ‘Yeah’ so I believe her.

“I didn’t know about DNA tests before, but Mum explained it’s when they do a swab in your mouth and it tells you if you’re the dad.

“So, if I have that, they can all shut up. But I don’t really care what people say. And I don’t like them being bad about Chantelle.”

Alfie’s dad Dennis – who dumped wife Nicola, 43, for a teenage friend of her eldest daughter – is clearly pushing for the test.

Love-rat Dennis said this weekend “A DNA test is the only way to settle this once and for all.

“When Nicola told me Alfie was going to be a dad, I said ‘How do you know it’s his?’ “I kept asking if she was sure because I thought a boy of his age wasn’t capable of conceiving.

“And Alfie looks so much younger than 13. That’s the point of all this. He looks a little kid himself and it’s so shocking.

The vehicle fitter walked out on Alfie and his mum for a 19-year-old friend of his teen-mum stepdaughter.

But Dennis defended his decisions and refused to take the blame for Alfie’s predicament saying: “I’ve been the best dad I could.

“But we all make mistakes.”

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