Window shopping

Posted: February 21, 2009 in others
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When we are really free and want to spend time, we normally head towards any malls for window shopping. Whenever my hubby asks me to accompany him for window shopping, I no more feel bad about it, as compared to earlier days, the number of window shoppers has tremendously increased, thanks to the growth in consumerism and globalisation.

When observed closely, we realised that it is the middle class which is in the forefront of this silent movement, probably because their income allows them no room for luxury. Window shopping is all about resisting their temptations even when exposed to its full glare.

The growth of super markets and malls has nurtured a generation of window shoppers or shelf-shoppers. Upscale shopping centres in posh localities like Brigade Road, MG Road, Commercial Street and others have become a boon for the window shoppers in Bengaluru. No wonder, shops on these roads are specifically designed to promote window shopping.

Window shopping promotes expensive merchandise and goods. A mobile phone in the showcase with a price tag of Rs 1 lakh is wonderful to look at. Even if window shoppers have Rs 1 lakh, they will not spend it on the phone, as they know that purchasing it can put a big hole not only in their pockets, but they can also be at a risk of losing such an expensive phone. Moreover, the price of any electronic good keeps diminishing with its use. The resale value of it can also will be a deterant factor.

Window shopping is like an excursion which can be made more enjoyable, provided the companion also shares the mood. So head towards any shopping mall this weekend and enjoy window shopping.


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