Lord Aprameya Swamy Temple at Doddamalur

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Travel
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There are many temples devoted to Lord Krishna and the temple of Lord Aprameya at Doddamalur near Channapatna is devoted to crawling Krishna (Ambegal Krishna).

Lord Aprameya Swamy Temple at Doddamalur

Lord Aprameya Swamy Temple at Doddamalur

The ancient temple of Lord Aprameya dates back to 3,000 years. There is a written document preserved to date, which says about lighting lamps to Lord Aprameya in 980 A.D. Records say that the temple was built and expanded by Chola king Rajendra Simha.

The speciality of the temple lies in the very basis of the building, as it is standing on sand and not on any solid foundation.
Legends say that Goddess Mahalakshmi was born in a lotus flower in Vishnu Teertham, which is to the North-West of the temple, and was known as Aravindavalli. Aravindavalli is the presiding Goddess in the temple.

The idol of Sri Aprameya is carved out of Saligrama stone. The idol is in the posture of Abhayahastha. Lord’s two upper hands are holding Shanka (Conch shell) and Chakra (disc) and the lower arms are holding Gadha (mace) and Hastha (Asdsuring hand).

There is a small replica of the main idol, which is taken on a procession in the chariot during festivals, is placed on a sandalwood pedestal. The idols of Sridevi and Bhoodevi accompany the Lord along with the idol of saint Ramanujacharya.

It is believed that sage Vyasa installed the statue of Lord Navaneeta in the temple. The idol flaunts several ornaments, and a pendant of tiger claws is prominent among them. Priests say that the Lord wears it to avoid bad eyes from his many devotees ogling at his boundless beauty.

It is said that Purandaradasa composed his popular song — “Jagadoddharana Aadisidalu Yashode…” after seeing the beauty of Lord Navaneeta in the temple. Purandaradasa Mantapam in front of the Rajagopuram of the temple is a tribute to the great poet for immortalising his ecstasy on seeing Navaneeta Krishna here.

Ambegalu Krishna

Ambegalu Krishna

Legends say that about 130 years ago, the then Maharaja of Mysore came to have the darshan of Lord Aprameya, Aravindavalli and Krishna at Malur. He was so attracted to the lovely idol of Lord Krishna that he took it to his palace. The same night he had a dream in which Lord Krishna ordered him to return the idol to the temple at Doddamalur, failing which great harm would befall on him. The Raja did not obey the words of the Lord and as a result, a part of his palace was consumed by fire. Then the Raja was forced to restore the idol back at the temple.

Legends also say that Lord Rama stayed here, in Dakshina Ayodhya, for several years and worshipped Lord Aprameya. So Lord Aprameya is also called as Sriramaprameya. Lord Rama performed several homas and rituals in the temple, and there are remnants of the structures where he conducted yajnas and homas.

Lord Navaneeta temple has several silver and wooden cradles offered to the Lord by devotees desirous of getting a child.

The Brahmotsava of Lord Aprameya falls in April/May of every year. The architecture of the temple is such that Sun rays fall directly on the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Aprameya during April/May.
Legends also mention that Lord Aprameya was worshipped by King Vijayapala in Krutha Yuga, sage Kanva in Thretha Yuga, sage Lambha Shrava in Dwapara Yuga and Vigyanaeshwara in Kali Yuga. Sage Kapila spread the message of Lord Aprameya. It is believed that even today, sage Kapila, sage Kanva stay here and worship Lord Aprameya. Once the temple is locked by priest in the night, people say that they hear the sound of door opening in the sanctum sanctorum and temple bells ringing, which indicates the Amara Jeevi sages praying Lord Aprameya.

  1. Kiran Desai says:

    Details and your experience very nicely expressed. Very easy to understand.

  2. sudhakar says:

    Need more details of pooja performed for infertility problems.

    • arjunpuri says:

      They don’t particularly do any puja for that. Devotees who wish for a child visit the temple and seek blessings of the Lord and after conceiving they go back and offer a small cradle made of panchaloha or of silver. I have heard that couples who had not conceived even after 30 years of their wedding have conceived after praying to Ambegalu Krishna. You can also visit the temple once. The priest had told us that a couple aged even 50 years had brought a baby for the puja and told the temple priests that they conceived after so many years. Devotion and trust matters is what I think. All the best.

  3. Anita M Jain says:

    One of my friend is from USA. They are deliberately waiting to get a baby from many years.
    But they may not make out to visit India and seek blessings of the Lord and after conceiving come back again.

    So my question is can they seek blessings of Lord from there only and once the wish fulfills they can visit India to offer Pooja.

  4. Sashaa says:

    It was really nice to see the details of this great temple . The information is very comprehensive and easy to understand. We are trying for a baby since few years and looking forward to concieve. Being in US we have no plans to travel back as of now . But i wish if i could have visited this temple earlier and taken lord Krishna’s blessings. But anyway thanks for this wonderful information !

  5. Manjunath says:


    It was really a nice temple to visit.

    Manjunath From Shimoga.

  6. Suchithra Prabhu says:


    After watching episode in TV9 kannada, my sister in law took to us to this temple. We both love the environment of this temple, We did pooja and seek blessing of lord navaneetha krishna. After 2 months i conceived. Really its a miracle. And god doesnt want anything from you except cradle once you deliver the healthy baby. Its a really big miracle in our life. If possible chant this mantra daily.
    “Balaya neela vapushe navakinkaneeka, jalabhirama jaghanaya dighambaraya, Shardulya divya nakha bhooshana bhooshithaya, Nandathmajaya navaneetha mushe namasthe”

    Suchithra Prabhu, Dubai

  7. Suresh says:

    We are trying for baby last 4years. My brother has metioned about this temple name. Its so nice. I will go visit and do pooja by this week.

  8. Prasanna says:

    Yes it is true in our life also, that we tried 2 and a half year to get a baby, we consulted many well known doctors and spent lot of money in bangalore, but nothing is happen. Once I visited with my wife and prayed ambegalu krishana, the same month she conceived, this is realy miracle.

  9. Narendra Shenoy says:

    We are planning to visit this temple and pray to Lord Navaneeta Krishna to bless us with a child.So i would request you to kindly let us know whether rooms are available for staying and whether food is also available.
    Thanks A Lot.

    • arjunpuri says:

      No rooms. If u r travelling from Bangalore, it’s hardly 1 hour journey. If u still want to stay u have to stay in some hotel in Channapatna 🙂

    • lakshmi says:

      there are rooms to stay you have to call the temple autorities in advance and they will provide you food also but you have to pay a little

  10. abhishek.mn says:

    thes place is very beutyfull

  11. b.m.viswa says:

    can i visit the temple and pray for my son (who is presently out of india) to get a child?

  12. b.m.viswa says:

    can some person who has visited the temple and benefitted by getting a child share their experience with me as my son has no child for more than 10 years and i would like to follow the same ritualistic procedures adopted by those who visited the temple and benefitted. (ph: 080-23239089)

  13. uma says:

    After watching episode in TV9 in kannada. My family went to this temple it is very beautiful. We prayed the Lord Navaneeta Krishna. We want the boy baby. The same month I conceived, this is realy miracle. Lord Krishna always bless us Our Family. I hope god gives us very thing.

  14. uma says:

    After watching episode in TV9 in kannada. My family went to this temple it is very beautiful. We prayed the Lord Navaneeta Krishna. We want the boy baby. In the same month I conceived, this is realy miracle. Lord Krishna always bless us Our Family. I hope god gives us very thing.

  15. Ragavendra.J.S says:

    Can i get details of adress how to go from kolar to abouve mentioned temple

  16. Sudhakar Achar says:

    after visting this temple we are blessed with a baby girl and she acts like crawling krishna ( eg, take her left foot and keep the same in her mouth )

    I request if some one can provide me this temple’s contact number to reach them

  17. Geetha says:

    we tried 2 year to get a baby, we consulted many well known doctors and spent lot of money in bangalore, but nothing is happen. in jan we both visited & prayed ambegalu krishana, in march i got conceived, this is realy miracle.

  18. Chandrakanth says:

    We are planning to visit the temple this week-end,So i would request you to kindly let us know the puja timings.

  19. Nina says:

    I m 6 mnths pregnant,we live outside india, so cannot travel right now.i desperately want a healthy baby boy this time as i already have a lovely daughter.can i please pray to the lord from here and after my wish is granted,then i can visit the temple and offer my humble thanks?please reply soon.many thanks to all.

    • arjunpuri says:

      Come on lady, wake up. Why differentiate between a boy and girl? How does it make any difference if you have a boy or a girl? Lord Krishna will laugh at your wish…

      • S. KRISHNA KUMAR says:

        sir, but a girl should have a boy as a sibling..they both will grow up as a, balanced, loving pair, and spread happiness in the family…

  20. Nina says:

    It is not about differentiating btwn boy and girl,it s personal choice,coming from all girls/women in the family i have always yearned to have a baby boy in my arms,and this being my last chance at motherhood,i dont think it is wrong if i request god to grant me a son this time,please try and understand other people’s feelings and situations before saying any hurtful things.

  21. Sruti Balakrishna says:

    I understand your plight. Even I had been to that temple after reading this post. It’s been four years and still I don’t have a baby and it doesn’t matter. I will adopt a baby as I feel any baby is a baby and can make a woman happy and fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother. Why should you take any comments to your heart? The comment is right in a way and your reply is right in a way. Prayers are made in mind and not in public. Anyways, all the best for your prayers, hope your prayers are heard… Now, cheer up 🙂

  22. Nina says:

    Many thanks Sruti,i know lord krishna will not laugh at my prayers,otherwise he would laugh at each and everyone’s request of job,girlfriend/boyfriend,marriage,sickness etc. I just inquired about the temple,nothing else.if people cant offer information,its ok,no need to say that lord will ” laugh ” at my prayers.

  23. Sruti Balakrishna says:

    Okay,okay, don’t worry. Even I laughed when I saw your prayer. It’s just a personal thing and never ever put your personal wishes publicly like this if you are so sensitive and get hurt by any adverse comments. Take things in a positive way. Even I come from a family of women and still I would not pray for a baby boy. I would just pray for a baby, anything, boy or a girl. I’m even adopting a baby girl and it’s still in the process stage. I will never go for a baby boy, because I’m not that conservative… 🙂

  24. Nina says:

    Sorry,i didnt know requesting an information about a particular temple and offering a prayer had suddenly become a sin…

  25. geetha says:

    We are planning for a second child, as i already have a boy baby, i want a baby girl this time. Suggest me any mantras or slokas that i can chant to get healthy, girl baby. Please give us details about pooja timings with days at Aprameya temple.

  26. Kavya nagesh says:

    Hi all. Last year I had a miscarriage at 2nd month. After which, I was told concieving wud b difficult… I went 2 aprameya swamy temple wid my husband… Prayed krishna for baby… Just 2 months later I was concieved!! Wid krishna’s grace, I had a normal delivery widout any complications.. I am blessed wid a baby boy. We have named hm VIHAN. Next week I m going 2 aprameya swamy temple wid vihan 2 gv silver cradle and we are doing annamahurtha der… Cn anyone gv me contact details of d temple please

  27. savitha says:

    I know this temple, have gone twice or more here and love to go there. Just want to know if the temple arranges marriages there inside the temple, mainly for mangalya dharane. Please confirm.

  28. savitha sudhakar says:

    please give me the sloka of aprameya krishna in kannada thanks savitha

  29. Prasad says:

    Very good temple to visit

  30. Kamakshi Venkataraman says:

    Thanks a lot for useful information. Will be visiting the temple in April or May during Brahmotsava… Thanks a lot once again… OM

  31. Dr Gangadharan says:

    Rajendra simha is not a chola king. Rajendra chola (AD 1014-1044) is son of Rajarajachola1.Chola’s time is from 9th century to 13th century. But temple dates back to 1600yrs? Cholas built only shiva temples.Actualy it was built by the GUPTAS (fromAD320 to AD540) who worshipped lord VISHNU. Before the time of shankaracharya.Theory of Aprameya is wonderful and complex to understand.

  32. latha vidyaranya says:

    wonderful blog. very informative. nice pictures put up. even more interesting are the comments! i plan to visit the temple next week when i go to attend a function in a nearby choultry. thanks.

  33. Anu says:

    We are planning for a baby. I recently heard about the temple. next week we are planning to visit. I am expecting my days to roll faster to see the lord. I enquired directly to the temple (Venu: 94480 77348) to get to know puja procedures. He just answered me to bring “Faith & Belief”. Once I finish my visit, I will surely post u all about my experience.

  34. balaji pr says:


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