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Strange are the ways of the world, and even more the ways of men. People have lot of dreams about their married life and spouses. When things, don’t go smooth, they get annoyed and disturbed soon. Men want to spend some quality time with their wives and make their first few years of married life the most memorable one. But for women, it is the other way round. They want to settle, have a baby, own a house, buy a vehicle and the list goes on. When the dreams differ and emotions clash, the married life may turn sour. It is not that women don’t want to spend their time with their husbands, but the pressure from relatives, in-laws and parents especially, make them to have a kid in the list of priorities. They have to answer the sarcastic and ironic queries like “Any special  news?”, “No special news?”, “Still no news?” and others. The pressure increases if any two wedding have taken place in the same month and one of them is already expecting… Men cannot understand the dilemma woman go through facing such questions from her own people. She has no other go, but to chose a safer place, sacrifice her happiness for security, get a child, whether ready for it or not!

I felt really bad when I read about a techie who killed his four day old baby for the same reasons. Annoyed that he could not spend quality time with his wife, a software engineer killed his new-born daughter by throwing her into a 30-ft deep well. Niranjan Kumar, 28, an employee of a Bangalore-based IT firm, threw his four-day-old daughter into a well on Thursday night. His wife had become pregnant soon after their wedding a year ago and Kumar had even tried to persuade her to undergo an abortion. Kumar returned to Bangalore after leaving his pregnant wife with her parents in Chennai. After the baby was born four days ago, Kumar, who had come here to see her, became upset and threw the baby into a well in the house.

It is time for relatives and parents to understand the feelings of the newly married couple and give them their own space. Had he got his own space, Kumar would have not spoilt his life and killed his baby today.