Man rapes daughter for over 9 years

Posted: March 19, 2009 in social issues
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All parents work for the welfare of their children. They want to see their kids becoming good citizens and achieve something to make them proud. Parents are considered to be the best rtole models. They should be not only guides but also friends to their children. But what makes them to prey on their own children is really astonishing. It happens elsewhere, it happens in India also.

When the whole world is shocked by Fritzel’s incident, here is another man, who is incidentally a businessman in Thane district, who raped his daughter over a period of nine years after a tantrik told him the sexual act with his daughter would bring him prosperity.

The tantrik, who was known to the 60-year-old businessman’s family for two decades, also raped the hapless victim a few times. The traumatised girl, now 21, had been silent about her ordeal but mustered courage to approach the police after her father attempted to rape her 15-year-old younger sister, again on the advice of the tantrik! Unfortunately, the mother also abetted the crime.

The couple was under the influence of the tantrik who told them in July 2000 that the family would prosper if the father had a sexual relationship with his elder daughter, who was then 12. The victim decided to break heer silence when her father attempted to rape her younger sister and approached her maternal uncle after which a police complaint was filed.

The elder daughter, who is now 21-years-old, was not admitted to a college after she finished her school. Instead, she used to accompany her father to the shop from where he operated his radium plating business. Her father used to threaten her and warn her not to tell anyone about what was going on at the home. She was scared of approaching anyone due to the threats.

Another shocking fact is, the tantrik and the businessman’s wife had physical relations with the consent of her husband.


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