Punishement in school: Girl dies after slipping into coma

Posted: April 17, 2009 in social issues
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I felt very sad for the parents who lost their daughter in New Delhi. Shano, 11, was allegedly punished by her teacher to bend down like a chicken in scorching sun. The teacher didn’t care even when the girl’s nose bled profusely and she fainted. The girl was admitted to Mahrishi Balmiki Hospital and she slipped into coma. After battling for two days in the intensive care unit, she breathed her last today.

My parents still remember that I was punished in the school for going late and was made to stand in the scorching sun for half a day. I had told my parents a lie that my legs were paining as I had participated in a running race at the school. Poor things, they had believed my words and taken me to a doctor and later came to know about the truth. Yeah, punishment was very severe during our school days. We were beaten by our teachers, and they didn’t even care if hurt us and what impact it had on our young minds.

The other day I was browsing through channels and happened to see a few scenes of Kannada serial Muktha, directed by Seetharam. A cop had come in search of a woman, as she had beaten his sister’s kid black and blue. Worried parent had approached her cop brother to threaten the teacher. Poor teacher, in fact agreed in front of the cop and her family members that she had beaten the kid (though the reason was not told by her in that episode). Moreover, her colleagues and headmaster of the school had also told the cop that the teacher was very short tempered and she regularly beats students and police was free to take any action against her!

We wished that our teachers, especially mathematics teachers, to behave and treat us like humans. They never approached us in a friendly manner, they always created a fear psychosis and we dreaded them. Naturally, once we finished schooling, we felt like free birds, set out of cage to fly in open air… Why don’t teachers treat students like their own children? Why can’t they put their own kids in the place of students before punishing them?


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