Love for dogs

Posted: April 29, 2009 in social issues
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When I went to my cousin’s house last week, her sons had to tell me a complaint against their mom. The boys had got a lab pup and mom had allowed it to stay with them even for a day. Morning it came and when they reached home in the evening they found the pup missing. Not that somebody had stolen it, but my cousin had sent it back with the person who had given it to the boys. My mom said desperately: “You could have given it to us.” I wondered how a dog can change our way of thinking and lifestyle.
Yeah, I remember the day when I and my brother had brought a pomeranian pup when we were in school and my mom had sent it back to my uncle’s house. It had stayed with us only for a night. When people were around, it used to be quiet and playful and cried the whole night when we slept and the whole family didn’t sleep that night and in the morning my mom said that she doesn’t allow the pup to stay with us. Times, have changed since then.
We got a dog when I went to Class 9 and since then, we have dogs at home and we love them and treat them like our family members. Doggy was the first dog member, a country street dog, who entered our family and our hearts. Then came, Nimmu, a lab and German Shepherd cross, who was like my daughter till she passed away last year, after staying with us for 12 years. In between came Dinku, a naughty and cute lab, who stayed with us for only 2 months. Even my mom cried when he passed away and it took 2-3 days to convince Nimmu that Dinku was no more. It hurt us to see Nimmu searching for her little playmate around the house. Dinku’s death had coincided with my KPSC results. I had not made through the exams, I cried a lot in the class when I came to know about the death of Dinku and my students thought that I was inconsolable because I had failed in the exam! I couldn’t muster strength to go home and see him. Last year, another black lab entered our family and my mom insisted that he should be called Dinku. Now, only Dinku remains, he loves everybody, especially my mom. Both share a strong bonding and love each other a lot.
Taking care of a dog like a family member is not easy. We can’t go anywhere and someone has to stay back and my mom has done that for years. We bring dogs, but she sacrifices her outings and stays back for them.
I was not surprised when she said that she would have taken care of the dog if my cousin had given it to us. No one addresses our dogs as dogs in our family, we call them by names and he or she. My mom has been grandma, my Dad grandpa, me mom and my brother uncle to them. They are like kids to us and we treat them like that.
Sometimes, I wonder how people abandon their dogs when they become old or sick. Pets are like our own children. When we stand for our children when he or she makes a mistake, can’t the same rule apply to pets? If we decide to bring a dog into the family, we are bound to take lifelong responsibility of the animal. And those owning pets should stand up for their animals when faced with a choice to dispose of the animal.
It hurts to see dogs fully-grown, that have served as loyal companions to their masters for years together, abandoned on streets.
I would love to have dogs around and I want my children to grow up around dogs and be sensible and passionate towards them.

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