Coke pulls TV ad showing women as sexual toys

Posted: May 4, 2009 in social issues

There are several ads where women are used as materials. They are mereely seen as objects. Women are chosen for ads on men’s innerwears. Beautiful girls are chosen to woo viewers to buy men’s deodarants, drinks, perfumes, shoes, pens and what not, almost anything and everything.

I wondered when I read a report that global soft drink giant Coca Cola was forced to withdraw a television advertisement in Australia that suggests women should be available for sex whenever men want it.

The Advertising Standards Bureau found the advertisement inappropriate, especially when children were watching television.

It is the second embarrassment in a month for Coke after it had to correct health claims in print ads featuring actor Kerry Armstrong.

In early April, Coca-Cola was forced to debunk its own ‘myth-busting’ ads after an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

In the ads, Armstrong claimed to expose myths, including that Coca-Cola ‘makes you fat’ and ‘rots your teeth’.

But after an ACCC investigation, the company agreed to place ads admitting that ‘all kilojoules count’ and ‘all products containing sugar… have the potential to contribute to the risk of tooth decay and erosion’.

The latest controversy erupted over a Coke Zero ad, titled ‘Break up as it should be’. In the ad, the ‘hero’ who is breaking up with his girlfriend at a roadside cafe is suddenly surrounded by pole dancers. His dumped girlfriend acknowledges the man doesn’t want to be with just one woman, then offers: “Just call me when you want to have fun.”

A series of complaints to the advertising watchdog argued that the ad degraded women and promoted casual sex for men.

But Coke said the production, aimed at young men, was “an exaggerated look at a very common fantasy” and designed to be light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek.


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