Prison awash with alcohol

Posted: May 7, 2009 in social issues
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When films show prisoners smoking, drinking and making merry in the cell, we used to wonder if there is any difference between an inmate and an individal outside. That was the scene in Indian prisons, what about prisons abroad? Movies show their cells to be far better than our cells, in the sense, much cleaner. But the punishment they get is more severe comapred to our system and I was surprisde to read a report that alcohol flows at a prison in the UK, of course not officially.

Sussex inspectors have revealed that the Ford Open Prison is ‘awash with alcohol’ and has sacrificed its role as a place for the rehabilitation of prisoners. Inspectors who visited the prison near Arundel, West Sussex, found alcohol abuse was rife among prisoners and poor security meant it was awash with other contraband.

In one weekend alone, staff found that convicts had smuggled in 30 bottles of vodka. The night before the inspectors arrived, two prisoners were described as “violently drunk” and had to be forcibly moved to a segregation unit.

Security problems at the jail, which was converted from a Fleet Air Arm station in 1960, meant that large finds of alcohol were common and prisoners also smuggled in drugs and mobile phones.

The report will bring a bad repute to the HMP Ford, whose famous former inmates include high-profile fraudsters Darius Guppy and Lord Brocket, and footballer George Best.

Last year, it was reported that porn movies and Viagra had been smuggled in so that the inmates could enjoy “wild parties”.

In a previous security lapse, 70 inmates, including three murderers, had absconded from Ford in 12 months.


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