Chiness waitress kills official, becomes symbol of discontent

Posted: May 27, 2009 in social issues
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Many movies are made on rebellious citizens and their action. People always rebel against exploitation and abuse, more of physical than of mental. Many incidents do not see the light and get buried. But an incident in China is drawing attetion of the world and the accused is seen as a symbol of growing discontent against corrupt power.

A Chinese waitress accused of murdering a government official when he tried to assault her has become the latest symbol of public discontent with untrammelled power, drawing a wave of sympathy for the woman in Beijing.

Deng Yujiao stabbed township official Deng Guida to death at a bathhouse on May 10 in central Hubei province after she refused to provide “special services” (sex). Deng Guida pulled out a stack of cash and tossed it at Deng Yujiao, before pushing her down on a sofa. The waitress picked up a knife and stabbed him.

Deng Yujiao

Deng Yujiao

She was detained on suspicion of murder, not the lesser charge of manslaughter in the case of self-defence, and released on bail on Wednesday.

The case has generated intense local media coverage and criticism from the country’s avid Internet users, many of whom see the young woman as a symbol of powerlessness before officials wielding power and wealth. For many, the woman’s story carries a broader lesson. A group of students at China Women’s University even put on a performance to protest against the case, featuring a bound and gagged woman lying in front of large characters reading “We could all become Deng Yujiao”, according to pictures circulated online.

Over the weekend a group of lawyers, academics and reporters met in Beijing to call for the case to be open to public scrutiny.

Last year, migrant worker Yang Jia gained widespread sympathy after he hacked six policemen to death in Shanghai. Yang said they had beaten and abused him after he was detained on suspicion of stealing a bicycle.

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