Children hire detectives to spy on dads

Posted: June 8, 2009 in social issues
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Gone are the times when men and women used to spy on their partners. Now, it’s the turn of children who spy on their dads. They have a fair reason, they want to not only save their families from being destroyed by extra-marital affairs, but also want to have safe and secure future, in terms of wealth and property to be inherited from their dads.

If children in India follow the footsteps of Singaporeans, I think many families can be saved. I still remember how extra-marital affairs affected two of my friends’ families during my college days. My friend’s dad an extra marital affair with another woman on the same street and both the families knew very well about it. The ‘other woman’ was also married and she had full support for the affair from her familiy members, including her husband and two children. For them, it was the question of survival. My friend’s dad took care of that family, he even got that woman’s daughter married and helped her son to get a good job. My friend used to tell us how both the families frequently fought over the issue and couldn’t put an end to the relationship. The more the fight happened, the stronger the bond became. Till now, the affair continues and my friend’s family has failed to get back him completely. It’s strange that not only the mom of my friend has to share her husband’s love with another woman, but also my friend and her sisters and brother have to share the love of their dad with others.

Another friend of mine was born out of extra-marital affair and till today, he hates his father. He even denied to perform last rites to his father when he passed away a couple of years ago. In the burial ground, both the women and their children had a big fight over sharing the property.

Now, coming to the issue where I read that a large number of Singaporean children are hiring private detectives to find out about their dads’ ‘secret affairs’.

According to reports, the children were not only angry with their “cheating fathers”, but were also worried that their inheritance might get passed on to the mistresses. A woman in her 20s recently caught her father having an extra-marital affair with a woman in Shanghai, China. She used some photographs to prove their affair, and helped her mother apply for a divorce.

Another woman hired an investigator to conduct a probe on her 63-year-old father’s girlfriend from China. And it was later found that the 26-year-old girlfriend, who claimed to be a student, was actually working at a karaoke lounge and a foot reflexology centre. The revelation caused the father, whose wife had died three years ago, to break up with his girlfriend.


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