Brit engineer’s daughter imprisoned in UAE for allegedly sleeping with boss

Posted: June 10, 2009 in social issues
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I have heard that Arab countries are very strict when it comes to sex and women are protected from sexual abuse to a greater extent. They are more safe there than in any other countries. A rapist deserves nothing less than death punishment. Right in a way unless the law is not misuesd. Men get away with rapes and violence against women in countries like ours and God knows when the laws will become stern and guilty are punished without any political interference. A few days ago, I had read a report about some Arab country (Sorry, I can’t remember the exact place) banning foreign women working there, as men were divorcing their wives and going behind beautiful foreign nationals.
Now, came yet yet another example of the hard-line approach towards sex in United Arab Emirates (UAE), where the daughter of a British engineer has been jailed for allegedly sleeping with her boss.
Roxanne Hillier, a diving instructor, was asleep in a room above the dive shop where she worked in the emirate of Sharjah, when police broke down the locked door and arrested her. The police claimed that she was having an affair with her boss, an Emirati, who was downstairs at the time repairing the shop’s dive equipment. Roxanne was also accused of being alone in the same room with him, technically a crime in Sharjah.
And now, she has been jailed for three months, despite having agreed to carry out humiliating medical tests to prove there had been no sexual contact.
Her father, Freddie Hillier, said that police records showed that the raid was ordered after someone rang them and told that her boss was using the room above the shop to have sex with foreign women.
“We believe it was aimed at the boss of the place. My daughter was caught in the crossfire,” he said.
Both Roxanne and her boss, whose full name has not been given, denied that they had a relationship.
Her father said that his daughter’s big mistake was to sign a confession in Arabic that she did not understand.
“They were shouting at her in Arabic. She was scared and made the mistake of bowing to pressure. She thought that was going to get her off,” he said.
Next day, she told the prosecution that she was retracting her confession, but the case went ahead anyway. Roxanne was brought before a court on May 22 for a 15-minute hearing conducted in Arabic.
In another hearing last week, she was told briefly that she had been found guilty and sentenced to three months’ jail. Her boss was sentenced to six months. An appeal in the case is due to be heard on June 14.
  1. Marie Coetzee says:

    Her boss was set free!! but she has to stay in jail, my friend heaven help a woman in the United Arab Emirates because the law there will not.

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