Woman flees with her son’s 18-year-old pal

Posted: June 10, 2009 in social issues
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They say love is blind, but to what extent? To the extent of falling in love with ones own son’s friend? Such strange things happen as it did happen to Oedipus and his mother. Sigmund Freud used it as Oedipus Complex. In a large context, the term is not just used to refer to the love of mother and son, but also of a woman of much old age falling in love with a guy much younger to her.
One of my colleagues is in love with a guy much younger to her. Unfortunately, the guy happens to be the only son to his parents and the pull of my colleague is so much so that he doesn’t mind his parents’ suffering. He is ready to leave them for her!
Seeing all these, though it hurts, one really can’t help. And in between, I happened to read a report where a 36-year-old English woman, whose six children belong to four different men, has fled with her son’s 18-year-old best pal.
Debbie Mallinson is said to have moved in with baby-faced Adam Caban in Falmouth, Cornwall. According to reports, before fleeing with her toyboy lover, she told her shocked children: “I can’t help who I fall in love with.”
Her eldest sons, who are aged 15 and 10, are presently living with relatives, while other kids, a girl of eight, a boy of six, a boy of five and a girl aged three, are in foster care.
A former partner of Debbie branded her a “disgrace as a mother” following the incident. The man who fathered three of the brunette’s six children said: “She falls in love more often than she gives birth,” adding: “It breaks my heart,  she doesn’t give a stuff about anyone but her.”
Mallinson fled her council home after climbing out of a window and sprinting down the front path into a waiting cab.
Her eldest son had earlier caught her telling his best pal on the phone that she loved him.
Just two week before she walked out, Mallinson had phoned social services saying that she could not cope and was going off to live with her lover.
Her furious former partner said: “This woman is an absolute disgrace as a mother. First she has an affair with her son’s best friend, then she dumps her kids to move in with him,” adding: “She’s now living with him while her youngest children and my kids are staying with strangers. It breaks my heart and makes my blood boil in equal measure. She’s told social services she wants the kids back eventually and wants to bring them up with her new boyfriend. But they are living with his sister and don’t have any money. Anyway, she can’t just turn up and be a mum when she likes. It is just not fair on the children.”
Mallinson was unavailable for comment.
And her 18-year-old lover’s mother said: “He’s 18 and can do what he likes. They’re just friends anyway.”
Another family member said: “They are moving from house to house at the moment, so we’re just trying to help out by giving them somewhere to stay.”

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