The dIary of Anne Frank was one lesson which made most of us to cry in the classroom when we were in school and todayif she was alive, she would have turned 80. We used to imagine the girl who spent two years in a secret den writing a rearkable diary addressing kitty. And I had to literally go behind my hubby to download the movie Anne Frank 2-3 days ago.

Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main in Weimar Germany to Otto Frank and Edith Frank-Holländer as the second daughter (Margot Frank was Anne’s elder sister) and lived most of her life in or near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Anne and her family moved to Amsterdam in 1933 after the Nazis gained power in Germany.

As persecutions against the Jewish population increased, the family went into hiding in July 1942 in hidden rooms in her father Otto Frank’s office building.

Anne and Margot, 1933While their parents were busy arranging the family's emigration to Holland, Anne and Margot spend the summer of 1933 with Grandmother Holländer in Aachen.

Anne and Margot, 1933While their parents were busy arranging the family's emigration to Holland, Anne and Margot spend the summer of 1933 with Grandmother Holländer in Aachen.

After two years, the group was betrayed and transported to concentration camps. Seven months after her arrest, Anne Frank died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, within days of the death of her sister, Margot Frank.

Anne in the SandboxAnne Frank and her mother in their yard on Marbachweg (Frankfurt), 1931.

Anne in the SandboxAnne Frank and her mother in their yard on Marbachweg (Frankfurt), 1931.

Her father Otto, the only survivor of the group, returned to Amsterdam after the war to find that her diary had been saved, and his efforts led to its publication in 1947. It was translated from its original Dutch and first published in English in 1952 as The Diary of a Young Girl.

Anne’s Attic Window

Anne’s Attic Window

The diary, which was given to Anne on her 13th birthday, chronicles her life from  June 12, 1942 to August 1, 1944.

Anne Frank has been acknowledged for the quality of her writing, and has become one of the most renowned and most discussed victims of the Holocaust.

The Franks were liberal Jews and lived in an assimilated community of Jewish and non-Jewish citizens, where the children grew up with Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish friends. Edith Frank was the more devout parent, while Otto Frank, a decorated German officer from World War I, was interested in scholarly pursuits and had an extensive library.

On March 13, 1933, elections were held in Frankfurt for the municipal council and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party won. Anti-semitic demonstrations occurred almost immediately, and the Franks began to fear what would happen to them if they remained in Germany. Later that year, Edith and the children went to Aachen, where they stayed with Edith’s mother, Rosa Holländer. Otto Frank remained in Frankfurt, but after receiving an offer to start a company in Amsterdam, he moved there to organise the business and to arrange accommodation for his family.

Otto Frank began working at the Opekta Works, a company that sold the fruit extract pectin, and found an apartment on the Merwedeplein (Merwede Square) in Amsterdam.

Bookcase hiding the Secret Annex

Bookcase hiding the Secret Annex

By February 1934, Margot was enrolled in a public school in Amsterdam and Anne in a Montessori school.

Margot demonstrated ability in arithmetic, and Anne showed aptitude for reading and writing. Her friend Hanneli Goslar later recalled that from early childhood, Anne frequently wrote, though she shielded her work with her hands and refused to discuss the content of her writing.

Margot and Anne had highly distinct personalities. Margot was well-mannered, reserved, and studious, while Anne was outspoken, energetic, and extroverted.

Margot in front of her parent's bookcase, March 1929

Margot in front of her parent's bookcase, March 1929

In 1938, Otto Frank started a second company Pectacon, which was a wholesaler of herbs, pickling salts and mixed spices, used in the production of sausages.

Hermann van Pels was employed by Pectacon as an advisor about spices. He was a Jewish butcher, who had fled Osnabrück in Germany with his family.

In 1939, Edith’s mother came to live with the Franks.

In May 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands, and the occupation government began to persecute Jews by the implementation of restrictive and discriminatory laws; mandatory registration and segregation soon followed. Margot and Anne were excelling in their studies and had many friends, but with the introduction of a decree that Jewish children could attend only Jewish schools, they were enrolled at the Jewish Lyceum.

In April 1941, Otto Frank took action to prevent Pectacon from being confiscated as a Jewish-owned business. He transferred his shares in Pectacon to Johannes Kleiman, and resigned as director. The company was liquidated and all assets transferred to Gies and Company, headed by Jan Gies. In December 1941, he followed a similar process to save Opekta. The businesses continued with little obvious change and their survival allowed Otto Frank to earn a minimal income, but sufficient to provide for his family.

For her 13th birthday on June 12, 1942, Anne received a book she had shown her father in a shop window a few days earlier. Although it was an autograph book, bound with red-and-green plaid cloth and with a small lock on the front, Anne decided she would use it as a diary, and began writing in it almost immediately. While many of her early entries relate the mundane aspects of her life, she also discusses some of the changes that had taken place in the Netherlands since the German occupation.

In her entry dated June 20, 1942, she lists many of the restrictions that had been placed upon the lives of the Dutch Jewish population, and also notes her sorrow at the death of her grandmother earlier in the year.

Anne dreamed about becoming an actress. She loved watching movies, but the Dutch Jews were forbidden access to movie theaters from  January 8, 1941.

In July 1942, Margot Frank received a call-up notice from the Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung (Central Office for Jewish Emigration) ordering her to report for relocation to a work camp. Anne was told by her father that the family would go into hiding in rooms above and behind the company’s premises on the Prinsengracht, a street along one of Amsterdam’s canals, where some of Otto Frank’s most trusted employees would help them. The call-up notice forced them to relocate several weeks earlier than had been anticipated.

On July 6, 1942 morning, the family moved into the hiding place. Their apartment was left in a state of disarray to create the impression that they had left suddenly, and Otto Frank left a note that hinted they were going to Switzerland. The need for secrecy forced them to leave behind Anne’s cat, Moortje.

Baby Anne Edith Frank with Anne, a day after her birth.

Baby Anne Edith Frank with Anne, a day after her birth.

As Jews were not allowed to use public transport, they walked several kilometers from their home, with each of them wearing several layers of clothing as they did not dare to be seen carrying luggage.

The Achterhuis (a Dutch word denoting the rear part of a house, translated as the “Secret Annexe” in English editions of the diary) was a three-story space entered from a landing above the Opekta offices. Two small rooms, with an adjoining bathroom and toilet, were on the first level, and above that a larger open room, with a small room beside it. From this smaller room, a ladder led to the attic. The door to the Achterhuis was later covered by a bookcase to ensure it remained undiscovered. The main building, situated a block from the Westerkerk, was non-descript, old and typical of buildings in the western quarters of Amsterdam.

Anne's room

Anne's room

Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, Miep Gies, and Bep Voskuijl were the only employees who knew of the people in hiding, and with Gies’ husband Jan Gies and Voskuijl’s father Johannes Hendrik Voskuijl, were their “helpers” for the duration of their confinement. These contacts provided the only connection between the outside world and the occupants of the house, and they kept the occupants informed of war news and political developments. They catered for all of their needs, ensured their safety and supplied them with food, a task that grew more difficult with the passage of time. Anne wrote of their dedication and of their efforts to boost morale within the household during the most dangerous of times. All were aware that if caught they could face the death penalty for sheltering Jews.

Miep Gies

Miep Gies

On July 13, the Franks were joined by the van Pels family: Hermann, Auguste, and 16-year-old Peter, and then in November by Fritz Pfeffer, a dentist and friend of the family.

Anne wrote of her pleasure at having new people to talk to, but tensions quickly developed within the group forced to live in such confined conditions. After sharing her room with Pfeffer, she found him to be insufferable and resented his intrusion, and she clashed with Auguste van Pels, whom she regarded as foolish. She regarded Hermann van Pels and Fritz Pfeffer as selfish, particularly in regards to the amount of food they consumed.

Frontal view of Anne's house in Amsterdam

Frontal view of Anne's house in Amsterdam

Some time later, after first dismissing the shy and awkward Peter van Pels, she recognised a kinship with him and the two entered a romance. She received her first kiss from him, but her infatuation with him began to wane as she questioned whether her feelings for him were genuine, or resulted from their shared confinement.

Rear view of Anne's house in Amsterdam

Rear view of Anne's house in Amsterdam

Anne Frank formed a close bond with each of the helpers and Otto Frank later recalled that she had anticipated their daily visits with impatient enthusiasm. He observed that Anne’s closest friendship was with Bep Voskuijl, “the young typist… the two of them often stood whispering in the corner.”

In her writing, Anne Frank examined her relationships with the members of her family, and the strong differences in each of their personalities. She considered herself to be closest emotionally to her father, who later commented, “I got on better with Anne than with Margot, who was more attached to her mother. The reason for that may have been that Margot rarely showed her feelings and didn’t need as much support because she didn’t suffer from mood swings as much as Anne did.”

The Frank Family: Margot, Otto, Anne and Edith Frank on Merwedeplein in Amsterdam, 1941.

The Frank Family: Margot, Otto, Anne and Edith Frank on Merwedeplein in Amsterdam, 1941.

Anne and Margot formed a closer relationship than had existed before they went into hiding, although Anne sometimes expressed jealousy towards Margot, particularly when members of the household criticised Anne for lacking Margot’s gentle and placid nature.

As Anne began to mature, the sisters were able to confide in each other. In her entry of January 12, 1944, Anne wrote, “Margot’s much nicer… She’s not nearly so catty these days and is becoming a real friend. She no longer thinks of me as a little baby who doesn’t count.”

Anne frequently wrote of her difficult relationship with her mother, and of her ambivalence towards her. On November 7, 1942 she described her “contempt” for her mother and her inability to “confront her with her carelessness, her sarcasm and her hard-heartedness,” before concluding, “She’s not a mother to me.”

Later, as she revised her diary, Anne felt ashamed of her harsh attitude, writing: “Anne is it really you who mentioned hate, oh Anne, how could you?”

A page from Anne Frank's diary.

A page from Anne Frank's diary.

She came to understand that their differences resulted from misunderstandings that were as much her fault as her mother’s, and saw that she had added unnecessarily to her mother’s suffering. With this realisation, Anne began to treat her mother with a degree of tolerance and respect.

Margot and Anne hoped to return to school soon and continued with their studies while in hiding. Margot took a shorthand course by correspondence in Bep Voskuijl’s name and received high marks.

Most of Anne’s time was spent reading and studying, and she regularly wrote and edited her diary entries. In addition to providing a narrative of events as they occurred, she wrote about her feelings, beliefs and ambitions, subjects she felt she could not discuss with anyone. As her confidence in her writing grew, and as she began to mature, she wrote of more abstract subjects such as her belief in God, and how she defined human nature.

This photograph was taken in the centre of Frankfurt am Main on March 10, 1933. It is the last photograph Otto Frank takes before the family leaves Germany.

This photograph was taken in the centre of Frankfurt am Main on March 10, 1933. It is the last photograph Otto Frank takes before the family leaves Germany.

Anne aspired to become a journalist, writing in her diary on April 5, 1944: “ I finally realised that I must do my schoolwork to keep from being ignorant, to get on in life, to become a journalist, because that’s what I want! I know I can write …, but it remains to be seen whether I really have talent … And if I don’t have the talent to write books or newspaper articles, I can always write for myself. But I want to achieve more than that. I can’t imagine living like Mother, Mrs van Daan and all the women who go about their work and are then forgotten. I need to have something besides a husband and children to devote myself to! … I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death! And that’s why I’m so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that’s inside me! When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived! But, and that’s a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer?”

She continued writing regularly till her final entry of on August 1, 1944.

On August 4, 1944 morning, the Achterhuis was stormed by the German Security Police (Grüne Polizei) following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified. Led by Schutzstaffel Oberscharführer Karl Silberbauer of the Sicherheitsdienst, the group included at least three members of the Security Police. The Franks, van Pelses and Pfeffer were taken to the Gestapo headquarters where they were interrogated and held overnight.

The front gate of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The slogan Arbeit macht frei translates as “work will set you free”)

The front gate of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The slogan Arbeit macht frei translates as “work will set you free”)

On August 5, they were transferred to the Huis van Bewaring (House of Detention), an overcrowded prison on the Weteringschans. Two days later, they were transported to Westerbork. Ostensibly a transit camp, by this time more than 1 lakh Jews had passed through it. Having been arrested in hiding, they were considered criminals and were sent to the Punishment Barracks for hard labour.

Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleiman were arrested and jailed at the penal camp for enemies of the regime at Amersfoort. Kleiman was released after seven weeks, but Kugler was held in various work camps until the end of war.

Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl were questioned and threatened by the Security Police but were not detained. They returned to the Achterhuis the following day, and found Anne’s papers strewn on the floor. They collected them as well as several family photograph albums, and Gies resolved to return them to Anne after the war.

On August 7, 1944, Gies attempted to facilitate the release of the prisoners by confronting Silberbauer and offering him money to intervene, but he refused.

On September 3, the group was deported on what would be the last transport from Westerbork to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and arrived after a three-day journey. In the chaos that marked the unloading of the trains, the men were forcibly separated from the women and children, and Otto Frank was wrenched from his family.

Of the 1,019 passengers, 549, including all children younger than 15, were sent directly to the gas chambers. Anne had turned 15 and 3 months earlier and was one of the youngest people to be spared from her transport. She was soon made aware that most people were gassed upon arrival, and never learned that the entire group from the Achterhuis had survived this selection. She reasoned that her father, in his mid-50s and not particularly robust, had been killed immediately after they were separated.

Otto Frank

Otto Frank

With the other females not selected for immediate death, Anne was forced to strip naked to be disinfected, had her head shaved and was tattooed with an identifying number on her arm. By day, the women were used as slave labour and Anne was forced to haul rocks and dig rolls of sod; by night, they were crammed into overcrowded barracks.

Witnesses later testified that Anne became withdrawn and tearful when she saw children being led to the gas chambers, though other witnesses reported that more often she displayed strength and courage, and that her gregarious and confident nature allowed her to obtain extra bread rations for Edith, Margot and herself.

Disease was rampant and before long, Anne’s skin became badly infected by scabies. She and Margot were moved into an infirmary, which was in a state of constant darkness, and infested with rats and mice.

Edith Frank stopped eating, saving every morsel of food for her daughters and passing her rations to them, through a hole she made at the bottom of the infirmary wall.

On October 28, selections began for women to be relocated to Bergen-Belsen. More than 8,000 women, including Anne and Margot Frank and Auguste van Pels, were transported, but Edith Frank was left behind and later died from starvation.

Tents were erected at Bergen-Belsen to accommodate the influx of prisoners, and as the population rose, the death toll due to disease increased rapidly. Anne was briefly reunited with two friends, Hanneli Goslar and Nanette Blitz, who were confined in another section of the camp. Goslar and Blitz both survived the war and later discussed the brief conversations that they had conducted with Anne through a fence. Blitz described her as bald, emaciated and shivering and Goslar noted that Auguste van Pels was with Anne and Margot Frank, and was caring for Margot, who was severely ill. Neither of them saw Margot as she was too weak to leave her bunk. Anne told both Blitz and Goslar that she believed her parents were dead, and for that reason did not wish to live any longer. Goslar later estimated that their meetings had taken place in late January or early February, 1945.

In March 1945, a typhus epidemic spread through the camp and killed about 17,000 prisoners.

Witnesses later testified that Margot fell from her bunk in her weakened state and was killed by the shock, and that a few days later Anne died. They stated that this occurred a few weeks before the camp was liberated by British troops on April 15, 1945, although the exact dates were not recorded.

After liberation, the camp was burned in an effort to prevent further spread of disease, and Anne and Margot were buried in a mass grave.



Otto Frank survived his internment in Auschwitz. After the war ended, he returned to Amsterdam where he was sheltered by Jan and Miep Gies, as he attempted to locate his family. He learned of the death of his wife Edith in Auschwitz, but remained hopeful that his daughters had survived.

After several weeks, he discovered that Margot and Anne also had died. He attempted to determine the fates of his daughters’ friends, and learned that many had been murdered.

Susanne Ledermann, often mentioned in Anne’s diary, had been gassed along with her parents, though her sister, Barbara, a close friend of Margot, had survived. Several of the Frank sisters’ school friends had survived, as had the extended families of both Otto and Edith Frank, as they had fled Germany during the mid 1930s, with individual family members settling in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Miep Gies gave Otto Frank the diary, along with a bundle of loose notes that she had saved, in the hope that she could have returned them to Anne.

Otto Frank later commented that he had not realised Anne had kept such an accurate and well-written record of their time in hiding. In his memoir he described the painful process of reading the diary, recognising the events described and recalling that he had already heard some of the more amusing episodes read aloud by his daughter.

He also noted that he saw for the first time the more private side of his daughter, and those sections of the diary she had not discussed with anyone, noting, “For me it was a revelation… I had no idea of the depth of her thoughts and feelings… She had kept all these feelings to herself”.

Moved by her repeated wish to be an author, he began to consider having it published. Her original notebook was supplemented by additional notebooks and loose-leaf sheets of paper. She created pseudonyms for the members of the household and the helpers. The van Pels family became Hermann, Petronella, and Peter van Daan, and Fritz Pfeffer became Albert Düssell. In this edited version, she also addressed each entry to “Kitty,” a fictional character in Cissy van Marxveldt’s Joop ter Heul novels that Anne enjoyed reading.

Otto Frank used her original diary, known as “Version A”, and her edited version, known as “Version B”, to produce the first version for publication. He removed certain passages, most notably those in which Anne is critical of her parents (especially her mother), and sections that discussed Anne’s growing sexuality. Although he restored the true identities of his own family, he retained all of the other pseudonyms.

Cornelis Suijk, former director of the Anne Frank Foundation and president of the U.S. Center for Holocaust Education Foundation, announced in 1999 that he was in the possession of five pages that had been removed by Otto Frank from the diary prior to publication; Suijk claimed that Otto Frank gave these pages to him shortly before his death in 1980. The missing diary entries contain critical remarks by Anne Frank about her parents’ strained marriage, and discusses Anne’s lack of affection for her mother.

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    I hope that hitler and all the people involved in this tragedy are paying burning forever in hell… Bunch of mother fuckers…

  29. Count De Monet says:

    The pity about it, my fine people, is that the innocent “little” Jews were exterminated for no reason while the scum Zionists only prospered and grew richer. They were the ones who put Hitler into power in the first place knowing that in the long run their own race would be “sacrificed”. The ones that SHOULD have been eliminated are the ones who are right now destroying the economy of the United States and looking to achieve world domination. One last thought….dont be deceived by every Jew claiming to be a holoco$t survivor. If they were ALL in the camps, each camp would have had to be the size of Europe. Not to throw water on this story…’s been said that the “diary” was a forgery written after the war was over. Hitler and the nazis live because the Jews keep them alive.

    • Tamara Kelly says:

      To Count de Monet…

      Obviously, you believe that the jewish people deserved this somehow. NO ONE deserves what they did to these people!!

  30. matt says:

    What was smelly in Anne Franks attic? The diarrhea of anne frank

    • Naeemah says:

      You are such a bitch!! How can you say that after she had suffered so much. You are obviously just as heartless as hitler and his nazis.

  31. reem says:

    To Anne,
    I am learning about you in school.And I am going to the museum that’s all about you.I feel so sorry about you and I hope I will read your wonderful diary. I wish you were alive.

  32. denize says:

    JEEZ ! i looked up a pic of Adolf Hitler .& i started crying .Its so sad to know he killed all those people.D: i read ” Hanas Suitcase”Thee other day and cried my heart out . Hanah Brady died At age 13.So young.I HATE ADOLF HITLER! I am not yet finished reading Annes Diary.Im on Pg. 185. It’s quite interesting.

  33. you guys are all stupid/.

  34. alyssa says:

    Anne Frank!!! im learning bout u andthink u r very very great…….. u r in my heart and always will!!!!!
    <3anne frank<3 love u!!!

  35. Tina says:

    Today Miep Gies died at 100 years old. She helped, protected, and cared for Anne Frank and her family. I hope she and Anne are reunited in heaven.

  36. The best book Iv read so far. Anne’s Diary
    I was moved…

  37. Malice says:

    Fuckin’ Kike! Fuckin’ Jew!

  38. Malice says:

    WodenWrittenWar you Fuckin’ Jew trash! Metzitzah, cunts!

  39. Malice says:

    Even the ones who weren’t dead from natural causes in the work camps are called survivors! What about the real holohoax? The Rape of Nanking? WodenWrittenWar!

  40. don says:

    this is very bad thing happened in the past.same thing done by israel today
    oh what a world

  41. JLH says:

    The holocost was a terrible thing that happened.Anne frank was an amazing young girl .Now her name will live in history FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!.So will her FAMILY and her DIARY. Anne Frank June 12,1929 -May 1945.The world misses you Anne….
    Go to ///// ///// for more about Anne and her life and also the holocost.In memory of Miep Gies Febuary 15,1909 – January 11,2010
    “Anyone who reads this should be thankful for what you have and live everyday like it is your last.”

  42. Historian on ww2 says:

    This is a really tradgic story. I wish you (Anne) hadn’t of died in such a horrid way, and at such a young age. If you are going to write a comment please leave 1 after your message to say you are very VERY sad.

  43. 52365236C says:

    anne frank didnt get killed at a consintration camp she died of typhun. look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know every think about anne there is to know about her. she is my idal.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Naeemah says:

      thats cool. so shes your idol. who cares?
      When we say she was murdered we mean that she was held in the concentration camp when she died. There fore the people who imprisoned her (hitler, the nazis) are considered her murderers. Thus she was murdered.

  44. erikah says:

    this was a very , very sad story 8(

  45. serena massafra says:

    io sono italiana, io ho visto il film di anna Frank , ho letto il diario e mi ha molto rattristato la shoa

  46. matt says:

    I wish that Hitler killed all the blacks. God is trying with Hati but he needs to kill more. I hate jews too. Scum of the earth. Glad Anne Frank died young. No one that stupid should be on the earth. I would have beat her if I were a guard.

    • bridgetttt says:

      matt, you are an asshole.. you don’t need to be hating others, maybe others hate you for your race whatever it may be. Jews are like regular humans and that is something you will have to live with, so just stop.

    • you are going to go to hell because of that mean evil race comment!!!!!!!!!!!!1GOD DONT LIKE UGLY REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE , ASHTON TYLER ROBERT

    • kaitlyn says:

      I glad he has died or if I would have met him I would have shot him with a ak97.

    • summerbaby says:

      i agree lil man

    • mexicangirlswagger74 till duh worl blow says:

      ur stupid nigka lukin ass need to shut duhh fuck up yew mutha fucken stupid white musty dirty ass
      all white pplz are anto behhz
      i bet ur ass can fight for shit i bet anna would bet ur skinny asss!!!

    • Naeemah says:

      oh yea you would have beat her if you were the guards? Now what if you were anne frank herself? Would you commit suicide now?

  47. Alondra says:

    Poor Anne and her family.miep died a few days ago the woman that hid Anne and her family.
    Well that is all.

    R.I.P -Anne Frank

  48. Alondra says:

    How could hitler done such a thing like that didn’t he know how much Anne and her family were sufering.I’m in the 7th grade and we saw the movie if the diary of Anne frank and it was so sad.well poor Anne rest in peace

  49. well, I know certainly that this is a ture story and the frank family went through alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. brtcarguy says:


  51. and oh yah Rest in Peace all of those people who died in the holocaust

  52. jackie says:

    how sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  53. Jenna says:

    this story is so sad! i hate the nazi who killed the jewish ppl. its so mean! i feel bad for anne and her family. i already learned about her last year! i almost cry! ive seen anne frank movie before. it was good and soo sad! she died at 15. SO YOUNG! so i wish u were alive!

  54. mmc says:

    Having visited both Annes hidden home in Amsterdam in early 2009, and then late last year (2009) having been to Auchwitz and birkenau camp , I cannot convey my saddness and hurt that humans could inflict such pain and misery on others…Truly a lesson to be learnt

  55. greiz says:

    hola mi nombre es greiz tengo 17 años
    y soy realmente admiradora de anne frank
    su vida es totalmente conmovedora aprendi
    mucho de su vida y su personalidad cuando
    lei sus diarios.miss felicitaciones al dueño del
    blog adios.

  56. I feel so sorry for Anne Frank she was treated unfair sometimes I feel ive been treated unfair (when i cant go to ballet class or something els) espesialy when they let her to die.sometimes i hate germany of they done to the people that are not like them (racesist) she didnt diserve to go to that camp. Hannah (the girl that felt sorry for her)

    • :P says:

      don’t hate on Germany.. and if you are hate on the u.s. too i guess cause the u.s. didnt go in and fight till the Holocaust was almost over…. it all started because of one man not a country !

  57. ruben says:

    he leido el llibro y me ha conmovido, es tremendo lo que paso en aquellos tiempos, por suerte no nos toca vivir algo asi en europa, uuuffff. es sorprendente la madurez de esta chica, tan pequeña que era… pobrecilla tanto ella como la familia frank y las miles de familias que sufrieron en aquella aterradora guerra tanto de un bando como el otro. todas las guerras son algo que tendriamos que mirar de solucionar envez de recurrir a metedos de trogloditas. me gusto mucho el blog. adios y suerte.

  58. Susan says:

    Hello everyone, after i read de comments,
    i feel like some of you all, are confious, but
    let me tell u..that sometimes, things like that have to happen,
    only God knows why,, but do not worry about anne, because she is in
    a better place.
    we have to understand life, and that.,it has mysteries that we might never know.
    is just that our human mind cannot understand all things, but God..can..He created us..,,may Anne be in peace in heaven.

    the pictures that the author has in thss blog are really nice,,anne has a beatiful face:Dok Take care everyone.

  59. christian says:

    I have read this book in school long ago and im glad that this book continues on.I believe anne’s diary is true.The holocaust did happen.It is a horrific demonic thing that happened to not only the jews but to whoever crossed hitlers path.Hate for others is what led to that point.People can be so ignorant.Who are we to judge anyone.There is only one judge,our Creator.And someday we will all have to stand before Him.Do you want to be the one standing before him that has shown so much hate to others and disregard for any human life? Love is the only way there will remain peace in this world.Our world is in such chaos that we all need to pray to God to show some mercy on us.Because the way things are going we’re not to far from having another tragic thing happening to mankind.Remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated.Yes there has been alot of horrible things that has happened in our history,but i think some good can come out of it if we learn from it and try our best not to let it happen again.I believe everything happens for a reason,but we are all in control of the choices we make in our lives.People made a choice to elect hitler and follow his demonic ideas and ways.We all are capable to either choose right or wrong.Hopefully we all choose the right way and tragedy like this will never happen again.Love all people just as God does and try to walk a more righteous path in life,afterall we all have a purpose in life.

  60. Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed this book. It taught me a lot. I think Anne’s story is one we should all learn because it teaches us something that must be learned. We shouldn’t ignore the terror that went on in the Holocaust, because if we do it might happen again. Anne was a brave girl, hardly older than me but she died much too soon. She still had many dreams that she hadn’t gotten to live.
    Anne’s voice shoudl speak out to us all to remind us of the terror so it will never be repeated.

  61. KAREN says:


  62. Leah says:

    wow, i am reading the book and its really enjoyable. and we are doing a project in school on the subject. if theres any informastion on her that is great i would greatly appreicate if u posted it (:

  63. princess love me xx says:

    i cryed my eyes out and as 4 u matt ur a wanker anne frank is no different how would u like it if u were a jeew and u were put in a gas chamber wel WEL HOW WOULD U LIKE IT ??

  64. Princess Love Me Enya xx says:

    when i watched the filim i cried my eyes out and as 4 u matt ur a very bad person anne frank wes no different than u how would u like it if u were a jew and i brought u to a camp put u in a gas chamber and listend to u suffer with all ur family well how would u feel

    if u wont replay to this replay to mi bebo or msn cause anne frank is no different than u and im sure the others would agree

  65. no name says:

    anne frank is stupid…she wasnt even in the holocaust she just hid the whole time like a lil girl..i hate her!

    • Naeemah says:

      she hid to protect herself or else she would have been overwhelmed. you would have done the same thing were you in her position bitch!!

  66. duck says:

    anne frank is a re she just sat there the whole time when people were dieing! HATE HER!!!!!!!!! xoxo ducky

    • Lola Mila says:

      what tha hell is your problem ? no she didnt sit there tha whole time when people were dieing , she had things to do while that was happening . !

    • Naeemah says:

      Was there really anything she could do about it?! If she left her sanctuary she would have been overwhelmed. She would have died any ways. You are a retard for even thinking like that. if you read the book you would understand. She had to think about her own life ya know. The was a fu**ing war going on. If you were in her shoes you would have done the exact same thing. Except no one would want to remeber you because i believe that you would still be a bastard.

  67. Julia says:

    Uma flor por Anne —-@

  68. * emma * says:

    wow anne your life was so complain and i am so sorry for you!!!!!!! but in don`t want to live jejeje

  69. no name says:

    wow anne your life was so complain and i am so sorry for you!!!!!!! but in don`t want to live jejeje

  70. Pearl says:

    oh, Anne,anne, anne, if only you survived this world would be different, i feel like i should write in my own diary and die in a holocaust. So that my parents and friends can see how isolated i am even though they dont seeit in my eyes. anne you a inspirational if only i was you …=(..

  71. SC says:

    I’m a high school teacher, and I’m so sorry for the entire Frank family. I spend at least 4-5 weeks a year teaching the holocaust, and the story of Anne Frank to my students. I have a great deal of respect for the legacy she left behind, and the value of courage and maturity she teaches young people. She also shows how ignorant racism is. I’m so sorry for those of you who make bad comments about Anne. Apparently, you don’t know the entire story. Please take the time to either read it, or watch “The Diary of a Young Girl.”

  72. susan says:

    i cant even, and i dont want to even IMAGINE what the jews went thru during the holocaust. the fear, the pain, asking god “why us? what did we do wrong to the germans??”, never seeing their families again and/or hearing about what happened to their families. we need to be thankful that today in present day that this isnt happening now. its a shame that people like the nazis had absolutely NO regards for mankind. Im so glad that this is all exposed to the world even though those bastard nazis tried to destroy the evidence. ann frank wrote her diary for one reason only: TO LET THE WORLD KNOW WHATS HAPPENING TO THE JEWS BY ADOLPH FUCKING BASTARD HITLER!!!

  73. susan says:


  74. on behalf of me, my family who was in the holocaust and to all the ppl involved in the holocaust…….i thank you susan for exposing the nazis who still exits even in the message boards here. thank you, susan, for putting them in their place. u r right it is a shame these kinds of hate people still exist out there. thank you once again!

  75. Anna says:

    i feel so bad for the Anne franks family they deserved more then that, what did they do to diserve that. im glad we have more laws and more people that have heart. all we can say is that she is in a better place and i know god will take care of her. god loves her and all of us..

    god bless you all:)
    jesus loves us♥

  76. Amelia says:

    I’m about to read this thing and i looked at allthe pictures. i also have 1 question, where did u getc all those pictures?? how did u get all this information??

    just finished reading,LUVED IT made me cry sooooo much

  77. fraser dabom says:

    omg so srry anne….. i hate hitler kill him

  78. hgg says:

    the pics are really cool and i cant believe that a bookcase was hiding the annex and annes diary looked really cool too she writes alot she is an inspiration everywhere and im learning about her life and the history of anne frank and i think it’s horrible what she and her whole family went through any way R.I.P. ANNE FRANK
    13yr old
    7th grade
    hannah geelhart

  79. missingasock says:

    Wow, that was funny matt! haha what was smelly in anne franks’ attic HAHA!! anyways yeah yeah its sad that anne died cuhz she was a jew and hitler and blah blah blah, but come on ppl, shes dead so who cares? *<):o)

    • Naeemah says:

      Everyone cares. She was a living being who had hope inspiration and a future except being a beggar onthe streets. I bet you cant even claim that much. so shut the fu** up bitch

  80. qetii says:

    poor Otto because he was the only survivour of the franks ! iloveyouu babe

  81. chelsea says:

    Anne Frank was vry brave. it had to be tough to stay in one place for 2 years. nvr being out in the sun or playing in the snow. not aloud to go to the bathroom during the day!!<—– now thats torture

  82. alliebombozi says:

    OMG! Hitlar was the most evil man there was! how he could do that to kids!

  83. Sidney says:

    I don’t think this is funny in anyway. They have a group on facebook called “Anne Frank would be so pissed if she knew everyone had read her Diary”. Some people can be cruel 😮

  84. Starry says:

    wow that is the best stories i ever read before!!!!^_^*_*

  85. andre says:

    this is sad but at least anne and morgot were barried together

  86. amanda says:

    @sidney, hi um have you read her diary cuz it says specificly in there ” i hope my diary gets published i have always wanted to be a writer!!!!!” please think before you comment such stupid lies.

  87. rodrigo says:

    ANNA…y familia FRANK y a todos las personas inoscentes que padecieron…los amamos….

  88. valeria says:

    OMG i dont know why all of you hate Anne Frank put yourself in her shoes you would hide all the time too! dont critisize because you dont know what they went through. i love you Anne Frank and God Bless You!

  89. Raquel says:

    io nn lo so che vi hanno fatto gli ebrei scritto da raquel a 9 anni

  90. Emily says:

    I wish could go back in the 1940’s and the day before the natzis took the frank family i could run them out into another hiding 😦

  91. Emily says:

    Poor anne 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  92. Emily says:

    YOU ROCK SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Emily says:


  94. Emily says:

    Anne said before she wrote in her diary 12th June 1942: “I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support” Yours, Anne.

    Isn’t that just so sad 😦

    Let me tell you allot of information, You have probly heard it before but I just wont to say if people havent heard it before.

    (Copied by the Anne Frank Diary)
    In Amsterdam, in the summer of 1942, The (Retarted) Natzis forced tennager Anne Frank and her family into hiding. For over two years, they, another family the van-danns arrived and a German Dentist “Mr Dussel” also arrived. The hid in a secret *annexe* , fearing discovery. All the time Anne kept a Diary.

    ‘Rings down the decades as the most moving testament to the persecution of innocence’ DM = Daily Mail;

    ‘Anne Frank brings herself and her circumstances into such buzzing, engaged life on the page, The triumphs over her history. We return to her again.’ (Guardian)

    ‘Astonishing and excruciating. It gnaws at us still”

    Please *RIP* Anne All of as are with you forever! 😦 xxox Em.

  95. Rubii Gonzales says:

    OMG i just wish i could go back to the past and get her and her sister out of that concentration camp. i could taken both to the future and fed them pizza and nachos. :`(

  96. anne frank says:

    i fell so bad wat happen hop the peapol who kell her go to hell

  97. Merry Plante says:

    Rubii Gonzales, I thought of that same thing like a week ago, minus the pizza and nachos. I honestly don’t understand how the Nazi’s could follow a raving lunatic with a stupid moustache! Seriously, his moustache is just this little stripe, I wouldn’t have been able to take him seriously!

  98. Sarah Arshad says:

    Words can not express how sad and depressed I felt when learning about her. I hope Hitler feels the pain and anguish of all the people he hurt. How can someone be so ignorant and foolish. KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO YOU! >=[ I swear if he was alive today, I would kill that ugly thing! Why did such a person have to be born!? Just to think that Anne Frank was only ONE person and she went through all that pain. She sat still everyday, not moving an inch, fearing every second that she would be killed. Leaving all her friends, possessions, and her cat behind. Never being able to go outside and live a normal life. Then, to make it worse, she hid for 2 years just to get betrayed and taken to concentration camp, separated from her family, knowing that they were dead. Let me tell you, having your head shaved, forced to be striped naked, and ending up with typhus is NOT fun. Yet some people are so arrogant and stupid to be making fun of her! I would LOVE to see you in her shoes. And then there are other people who don’t even believe in the holocaust! Seriously, come on! HOW CAN YOU NOT?!?!? There are survivors, pictures, videos, left over artifacts, and then there are people who actually STUDIED it! Morons….God bless all the people who have died in the holocaust including Anne Frank and her family. R.I.P. ♥

  99. Sifar says:

    I think that Anne Frank was a very kind and caring person by the looks of it, and I too like pricey think that nowadays the people are so corrupt and rude and addicted to wrong stuff, but back then they actually had innocence, a word that has lost its meaning over time. But one good thing about that(not that I am a rascist warmonger) is that now if anyone like Hitler comes by, the world is prepared. You guys might be getting bored by now, but I have to say, if anyone reads this, loook out about 20 years from now, there will be peace!! I say so! Now back to the subject, I have to do a project about Anne Frank in school, so I am looking all around for information. And, just for your information, although I live in Canada, I am Muslim and in the U.S in some places rascism goes on.

  100. Sifar says:

    To start off with, I have to say, Anne Frank was a very innocent person, just like all those other under 15 year old people. Just bare with me for a while, but imagine, you are just a little 3 year old, and you probably don’t even know what a Jew is, and you’re ripped from your parents who are shot dead on the spot for trying to protect you and sent into a strange room, where after a while poisonous gas comes from the walls and soon you are dead. Just imagine. Thank you for listening. Sifar out.

  101. Sifar says:

    This has been very knowledgeable bye

  102. Anne Fan says:

    I’ve been researching Anne Frank in school and have been fascinated ever since I was around 10 years old, when I learned about the Holocaust. I know it’s a horrible tragedy, but it interests me. I feel so bad about what they did. But, Anne’s story is truly magnificent and inspiring. I’m reading her diary for a school project and I’m going to make a what a scrapbook might have looked like if it was made by her for my final project. I was so intrigued by her diary I finished it in one day. I wish I could go back in time and save the poor Jews. Being gassed is an awful way to die. 😦

  103. Sifar says:

    As one of the people who think about these types of things, you would think that I would have the answers, but I do not.But I do know that there was no common motive for removing the Jewish people from Germany and causing a global war that claimed millinos of lives. Whether you are Canadian,American or British, even children nowadays no that there was no point.So, if Hitler was still alive in a maximum security prison, I would ask him,”What was the point? You actually ruined your country by doing that! There are less people to pay taxes to you and your bloodthirsty warmongers. Isn’t that all you care about?” Thank you for hearing me out. Sifar out. P.S please reply

  104. Sifar says:

    I hope you all find my response interesting.

  105. Heather says:

    i love learning about anne frank but I’m only 9 years old n my mom said I can’t read some books about her because I’m 2 young do u no some books about her I can read????? 😀

  106. vanesa medina says:

    this story so far is kind of sad poor her . anne & nicole………………….
    vanesa wuz hea!

  107. Natalie says:

    I love Anne! Shes so full of happiness and positive attitude even though shes going through so much. Because people know her story, they have sympathy for her, but all of the others who died should be sympathized for too. I’m starring as Anne in a play and she’s an amazing character to be playing. Their story is so depressing, but the whole way through Anne is just joking around and being happy, which is quite annoying at times. By the second act, more serious things are shown and the Franks and Van Daans are all a little more worried. The play will be phenomenal!

  108. Brionna says:

    i love anne frank enjoy love all

  109. Madeleine says:

    why did people kill the jews ,
    i’ve read her diary i feel so bad no wonder people are so mean, stupid German’s

  110. U ATE MY GROUNDHOG??!!?? says:

    OMG Matt! why r u so RACIST???
    God doesn’t care what colour ur skin is or what country ur from! And if u can say such horrible things like that u r just as BAD as Hitler!

  111. Sifar says:

    I am glad to see that you all are interested in this subject, but nobody can be too young or old to learn history, and I hope none of you are like suckadick who just do this stuff to annoy people. And good luck for your play!

  112. Sifar says:

    I will be involved with this for a long time, so keep an eye out for my comments! (Don’t reply my comments with things like: WTF Man! or u suk ballz!)

  113. Sifar says:

    By the way, do any of you actually know Arjun Puri?

  114. Sifar says:

    Please continue to make more comments. I will be glad to reply.

  115. Monica says:

    I think that its rediculous everyone speaking without knowing what truely happend, I am just upset at the fact that this tragedy had even happend, and many people suffered from many different things, starvation, deiseases, all types of stuff, I do believe hitler and his crue went to hell for treating different cultures the way they did, I dislike hitler very much, and I hope he does burn in hell for that. No one is innocent but no one, I mean NO ONE!!!!!!!! diserves the punishment non german cultural familys got. This is only my opinion so I dont care what others say or if they wanna talk crap because they are german, it does not mean all Germans are bad just the ones that made people suffer!!!, just think how would you feel being in that time period suffering like all them people did back in the days? Were not asking for pittyness, were only asking for there respect as of to here there part of the story and think about there feelings. Thanks…..

  116. anne frank foever says:

    i feel soo sorry for her..:(

  117. Breanna says:

    Okay MATT you need to shut the hell up! what kind of a mean pathetic twisted person would say such a mean sick thing like that!? i have heard some weird twisted mean things in my 13 years of life but your comment is byfar the worst i have ever heard. god, Anne, and anyone else who reads ur comment should be disgusted by you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people come on this site to read about Anne and her family and see some nice thoughtful comments that other people take the time to write. they dont want to see trash like yours. your comment was just a waste of time. you should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!! p.s you disgust me deeply! no more to say. i hope that you are proud with your self.

  118. Breanna says:

    by the way i’m talking about about the person matt who wrote number 48. check it out. take a look for your self to see what he wrote. it will disgust you deeply!!!!

    • Sifar says:

      You are right Breanna, Matt is a disgusting wierdo, but that doesn’t mean that we have to hate him, we just don’t listen to people like that.

  119. maranda says:

    what hapn to the frank

  120. Charlie says:

    Itis a massive digrace what has happend to Anne Frank because she did not deserve to die at the age of 13.
    And if I were Hitler I would think about what other people will feel like first but for him he did not think at all because his scull is as hard as rock.
    The same to you matt thik about what you say before saying it!:(

  121. Brenda says:

    omg!poor anne frank i would not like to b her i read her dairy!!it was awesome and kinda sad her life was really sad!!extremely sad!i feel sorry for her!

  122. bob says:

    hi great pictures love them!

  123. mArLiE says:


  124. Emilie says:

    yeah anne died of tuberculosis, that’s what my teacher said. It’s so sad– I’m reading the Diary of Anne Frank right now for school but it is still really interesting im just here to learn more about her liesurely… It’s such a sad thing. This is a great post about her– lots of information. I love the pictures too. Reading her journal is so different because unlike books such as Number the Stars and Summer of my German Soldier, this is a 13 year old’s real voice, her words. Her pictures, showing this was real. Like the one of the bookcase that serves as a door to their secret annex. I’m 13, so to think about how i would feel if this was happening to me blows my mind. I’m Catholic, not Jewish, but Jewish people are exactly the same. It’s just having different views. WWII was so horrible, I hope there will never be a WWIII. That’s exactly what we don’t need…

    • Sifar says:

      Nobody knows how Anne FRank died. But most people think that she died of Tuberculosis.

      • Sifar says:

        Anne Frank, sorry for the capitalization mistake

      • Naeemah says:

        Anne actually died of Typhus disease. It was spreading around at the concentration camp she was staying at. If you read the books – thoroughly – you would know this.

  125. katherine says:

    it touched my heart when i read that Otto Frank hoped that both of his daughters were alive! poor Otto!

  126. shube says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s such a shame Anne frank lived in hunger

  127. Sifar says:

    Yes, many people were killed during that time, but the best thing that we can do right now, is not to be sad of the past, but be glad about the future.

  128. anne says:

    suck a dick is soooooooooooooo dum

  129. anne says:

    if hitler thinks of doing stupid like that, then he should think of sucking crap!

  130. monica says:


  131. -quashay.* says:

    – -what hitler did was very mean and selfish and was strongly uncalled for but a just want you guys to know what yall had put up a fight and you guys deserve all the honor there is to give r.i.p to all the jews that have passed and keep your head up to all the ones that survived.*

  132. jacob says:

    that really sucks. anne frank was living a normal life until the nazi just had 2 come and ruin life can u believe how hard it was. well mr and mrs frank thought that the nazi were goin 2 take one of them but instead the nazi wanted margot frank so thats when they went into hiding. so mr and mrs frank had 2 go into hidind a day before and lfe went on and that how margot and anne frank died R.I.P


  133. Alejandra says:

    I HATE NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Hayleigh says:

    I don’t understand why nazis did that! Why so much hate?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I LOVE ANNE FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Katee says:

    im doing a book repot on Anne Frank for school and i belive with everything that i have learned that Anne and her family did tje rite thing by hading and that the Nazis should have to go to Contration camp and see how they like it just becaues Jews are different dosent maen that they should get treated like that the world would be boring if we were all the same that is why god made us like this so that we can all be unique in our own way.

  136. Anne says:

    I remember studying this in school a few years ago…as a 13-year-old Polish girl who looked Jewish (and I think I am, maybe two generations up) I got a lot of smart-alecky remarks. Anne’s story is so sad; as my family had similar issues in Poland during the war, and as a teenaged girl I could certainly understand Anne’s feelings. It’s awful that someone with such enthusiasm for her future and detailed plans for her life had all those opportunities taken away at such a young age.

  137. zidane says:

    i am so sad right now i want wright more about it but my english is not good i wish i could wright more about it so so sad i hope you burn in hell HILTER ND BUSH

  138. anne frank was a very brave girl a little hyper but very brave,shes lucky that she had her family and friends to protect her through the two years. well i geuss this is wat she wanted, to be famous,but i bet she would have never geuss that she would be famouse of her diary…… 🙂

  139. Amber Delarosa says:

    Poor Anne this story made me cry i can’t even imagine the struggle Margot,Anne, and their parents went through. I feel like crying even thinking about it. If she were alive I would ask her so many questions. Anne and her family are in all of our hearts and in mine as well. I felt so bad for her when I read about her life from the top.

  140. M Dog says:

    Dude………………… That suck nuts. =0

  141. Sifar says:

    Yes, it is true that there are many people like Adolf Hitler in the world, but rest assured, there is not a very large chance that something like the Holocaust will happen any time in the close future, so be happy!

  142. sup dudes says:

    I never learned about Anne Frank in school, but the book was mentioned in my favorite movie (Field of Dreams). Just yesterday my science teacher got a Holocaust (spelling???) survivor to come to our school and speak. In science today he told us about some of her experienes she didn’t mention (took the entire class time) and told us about this book. NOW I WANNA READ IT SO BAD!!!!! Luckily, I believe the public library has a copy. :3

  143. Pastor William Skipper says:

    I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses thee and in thee shall all the famlies of the earth be blessed Genesis 12:3

  144. Pastor William Skipper says:

    reply to Sifar:who would have thought that in this great nation we would even need a -freedom to fly the flag act- -who would have ever thought there would ever be a need a ban on homosexual (marriage) dont count the so-called godless ones out yet however there is no godless ANYONE either you are serving the God of glory or the god of this world but there is NO Godless anyone be sure of that

  145. Dillon'sFiancee says:

    omg im doin diz as a project too lol(: love you anne frank<3 you're amazin'! n' a-w-e-s-o-m-e booooooook….

  146. abbie kitten says:

    this is one of the most sadess things in my intire life i cride over what she wanted to do u see like write a book about her hiding place.she hid so long and all she gets is someone tells hitler that they are in hiding. i think that silly person who said they found more jews should have kept their mouth closed they should have gave their life insted of annes life and her family they should have cared about this famous girl. if anne still lived she would of been allowed to follow her dreams that she dreamt for thye would have come true insted of them not coming true.she was a lovely girl and im so sad about her diary that ive not only read but also cried about.

  147. abbie kitten says:

    I HATE HILTLER I CURSE U FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. abbie kitten says:

    I FEEL SORRY FOR ANNE AND ALL THE JEWS:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  149. Nancy says:

    Well, I’m Jewish and I hate Hitler not only because he has killed like 6 million of Jews, but mainly because he has separeted families, he has made a lot ot mothers lose their sons on the war and he was threating people like ANIMALS. And not even the animals deserve to be treated like that. If Hitler hasn’t killed himself, I’d have done that.

  150. i love anne franks story its powerful im a fan omg this book and the movie is so good i love it 🙂

  151. K.Plehn says:

    Thank you for this tribute to Anne Frank and for the memory of her beautiful family and amazing mind. We all need to be reminded that hate for other human beings is truly evil. It is sickening to read some of the ignorant comments on this site. I believe the hateful racial comments come from extremely wounded or ignorant people. One day the evil in this world will be destroyed and God will judge those who have committed atrocious acts.

  152. gingersweep says:

    i feel so sorry for anne and all her family but i guess it was what hitler was brought up to do.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  153. maria says:

    What happend to the jews, was mainly caused by the religious leaders that aproved Hitler’s regime. Pope von patten helped Hitler get in power. The catholic church along with many other religious denominations, aproved all that killing. In God’s eyes, they are more responsible, they are guilty of blood shed. And up today they don’t have any shame in what they did or not did. Before the last Pope died he ask for forgiveness, but he never oppend the Bible, and explained how really guilty they are in God’s eyes. he did not ask God’s forgiveness, he was more concerned no to loose catholics.

  154. djjebbs says:

    it is so sad to see all those pics it felt like i was there!

  155. ellen says:

    its so wonderfull stories

  156. Sifar says:

    There’s no reason to feel sad for Anne because, although her life was short and brutal, today, she is an international symbol of hope, peace and innocence, I don’t know what else a person could want.

  157. leena says:

    hey guys ..i luv anne frank’s story..i’ve read her book and watched her films and they both are great

  158. Kelly-Marie says:

    I’ve only know about Anne Frank and the Holocaust for three years, and every time i hear about it, it makes me so sad! I could read the stories of the Holocaust a million times and still not understand why people could be so cruel. They were Jewish, and therefore had to die.

    Does that even make sense? I feel bad that innocent people were killed because of what some idiot said t get out of a mess. Especially since the children and adults that were killed could have made a difference in the world.

    Anne Frank is simply an amazing person. I shouldn’t feel morbidly depressed for her because it won’t bring her back. Even though she didn’t do much to change the Holocaust, she’s still someone that nobody can ever forget, especially since she was my age when she died.

    Anne Frank, you are the greatest person i’ll remember

  159. Tiah says:

    i feel sooo sorry for all of the jews and at the moment at school we are studying anne fank. she was very nice chearfull girl.
    it made me cry when i heard and read her story. 😦 😥

    all i want to say is R.I.P hunni ❤ your my hearo 🙂

  160. Sifar says:

    The story of Anne Frank is a very sad tale indeed, and it would shock someone to think that anyone could have lived through all that.

  161. Dana says:

    Did you know that more than Jews were exterminated and in camps? Check out the Nuremburg Trial.
    First, I will start by saying that I cannot understand fully what Anne and all the other people in hiding and those of the concentration camps went through. There are many things to be aware of is this particular story that we all can learn from. Yes, no doubt Hitler was evil. His acts could not have been accomplished by himself. Many other men were behind it (Satan, too). So take into account that more had evil hearts and thoughts. Are you aware that we are all capable of being so evil. To even hate a brother or another is just the same as killing them, as God says in His word. The heart is evil and desperately wicked..Who can know it?? God does know it. Nothing is hidden from Him. As Anne Frank said in the film, she was evil on the outside (particularly to her mother) and good on the inside. How she wished it way the other way around, she desired. But how many of us look good on the outside and burn in the inside?? We all contain evil. Now, there is a cure for that. I’ll talk about that later. What Anne went through (and try to imagine more than just her) created a maturing and character-building circumstance. Tough times does this to all of us if we endure it. Some of you mentioned that you would have killed yourselves. Yes, that might be a very real thought that would come through one’s mind and may even be carried out. It is the easy answer. How often, in your own life, do tough times come -not like Anne’s-(but tough times do come in many shapes and sizes, and we all get our own dose of it) and you choose to endure it? Many think they will take the easy way out (which is not dealing with it – I totally understand this one) by the bottle, drugs, suicide, violence, abusing, running away, arguing, etc?? It is much harder to endure. Take the passage in the Bible where Jesus is being betrayed with a kiss by His close friend and disciple, Judas Iscariot. Here, Judas reveals the Messiah to the High Priest’s servant and other men, and Jesus excepts what is about to happen (It being His Father’s will, and He wants to obey) verses His other close friend, and disciple Peter’s response of pulling out his sword to attack the servant by cutting off his ear (for surely he had other plans than slicing off the ear). Peter was furious and took matters into his own desires; his own will, not that of the Father. God sees the whole picture and is in control of the outcome, we, you, only see a sliver and make hasty decisions. Do you believe that there is Someone who has the whole world in the Palm of His hands?? Anne did not see the whole picture. She had a character quality that was her strength…she was a positive thinker and did not allow other peoples moods always determine hers. I don’t know her stand with God, but hope is what keeps people taking that one step that is needed to move on. Hope does not disappoint, not when it is set on God, the Almighty. I do not think Anne would want anyone to say, ‘Poor Anne’. She was victorious in her endurance. She changed in her maturing time.
    I cannot fathom why people single out a particular set of people. It happens all the time. Since the time God set aside the Jewish people to be a His people, they have been singles out. Many, many people hate God, as a result, His special people have had to endure persecution, even though the majority of them want nothing to do with God. How about you? What have you done with God? He is Creature of all, for without Him, nothing would exist! This statement is ABSOLUTELY true and does not rest on your opinion. God created all people for His own good pleasure. Many 1st time parents can understand a bit of how God feels towards each of us when they see how precious their newborn is, their love for their own flesh and blood, and all they want is that baby to love them back. Since God is the Creator, He makes the rules….We all rebel against God’s will, against His way. DO you think you can therefore decide how you can get to Heaven? Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father (in heaven) except through Me. John 14:4 Jesus is the only way. Just as a child who has done some rebellious act against his/her parent and earns some form of discipline, rebellious against God (sin) requires a punishment…separation from God (death, eternal separation – hell). God knew that we could never undo our sin and we could only be with Him if He made a way of escape from this punishment. So, He sent us His Son…perfect, beloved Son. Jesus was fully God and fully man ( a mystery, but could you imagine Someone bigger than you and you could fit Him in a box and be able to understand Him and explain everything away about Him — I am so glad that He is full of Holy, perfect wisdom…I wouldn’t worship a god that was like me, human and having faults) and demonstrated, because of His love for His Father and His Father’s love for you and me, a perfect life. He was the spotless Lamb that would be sacrificed in my place – it was Jesus Christ who took my place of punishment because of my sin…I am free and declared righteous, because Christ took all sin upon Himself, took His Father’s wrath upon Himself, gave up His spirit and became victorious over sin’s power over me, and when God looks at me, He sees His Son in me…I am cleaned, spotless, His!!! Life is ugly and doomed…just like the days of Noah. God said the earth was filled with people and every man’s thoughts and ways were wicked continually. He found Noah, for Noah had found favor with God, and God used Noah to build a place of safety…it would give life to all who believed…but sadly, men continued in their evil ways and refused God’s warning and God’s love for them…they perished, but not Noah and His family who obeyed God. Jesus is calling out to you…He is the place of safety and life…will you climb aboard right now? Before it is too late?? Come unto me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…you will find rest for your souls….” Matthew 11:28-30 Comparing Hitler to Anne who give many the answer that Anne was an Angel and Hitler was a demon…no matter how much evil in our hearts, we all are stained with it, and my Awesome God forgives all of it when we seek His Way (Jesus). I have been to one concentration camp and will be going to Germany late this summer and may see another one. I have done more research about the Holocaust and it is even graver than I knew. To have a beacon of hope in a lost world is enough to sustain you, that being Jesus Christ. He is the only answer to the despair we experience in our life. His grace is sufficient.
    Can you love the unloved? With God, it is possible. It is what captures the heart of the condemned…it is a living testimony with my husband…and many out there who didn’t think anyone cared. God’s love is pure and beyond human love. Read about it in 1 Corinthians 13. You are loved…I am not one to excuse Hitler or any of the other brutal decision makers, – Love changes people (God’s).

  162. Samir Constantinides says:


  163. shivangi says:

    anne is awesome….

    such a small gal’s diary said so much…. tells all the pain she beared.

  164. pritika says:

    anne frank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i cud hv meet hr bt dat isnt possible

  165. History says:

    Learn history, otherwise, it will come back to remind you again in real life.

  166. Shibla Narghese says:

    i read the diary of ann frank.ohhh god!!!!wat a girl!!!!!
    her courage and positive thinking even in such a rude situation gives more light to my life.she inspired mea lot.i wish if i were her best friend.a friend who loves her,a friend who understand her,a friend who is ready to hear her,a friend who lights her life even in a dark room…
    i love u ann…world love u ann..

  167. vrushali says:

    the story was awesome,fantestic….but sad.i hope god will make a person like anne frank

  168. Olivia Esparza says:

    There is a book called “Night”, its based on this man named Elie Wiesel, he is a holocaust survior, im not here to talk about his book or him, im just here to write how i feel about all this. Well, first of all after reading this book, i’ve kinda realized how the Franks were suffering in that camp, cause i assume its the same thing where this man was, but different location, it was ruled by the same evil man. I see life different because of all the jews, what im trying to say that i have a better life than what the jews were going through, and i am so grateful that we don’t have that here (U.S.A) i cherish my little one with all my heart cuz how many parents didn’t know where they were going, when they were lined up forming a line going to the gas chamber, we should be grateful what we have and are not going through what those people went through, some were so strong, and some were weak, some didn’t have a chance to live, and some did. I pay my respects to all the people who were prisoners of hitler. Anne Frank your an amazing strong child, who taught us alot, and personally im really grateful for that. R.I.P Anne Frank

  169. Sifar says:

    Well, I’m not going to say that the Nazis aren’t bad, but there is no reason to make fun of them now, even though they could have thought over their mistakes, they are all dead now, and making fun of dead people is not a nice thing.

  170. Nicole says:

    Hello, I just read thia and I’m doing a school project, Is it alright if I use this page as a reference

  171. MINA says:

    i cant beileive she died by the nazis she sounds she was a great girl!!!!!!!!!!

  172. nadya 'dydy' chandra says:

    anne frank!!!!
    you are amazing 🙂
    you are my idol,, i love you.. :*

    i’ll meet you in heaven… amen!

  173. Sifar says:

    Of course you can use this page as a reference! It might actually be encouraged!

  174. maria says:

    i love her booke an movie it mad me cryed tho an i never been so iterested in hister then im in now!!!

  175. girlwithbrowneyes says:

    our class watched the movie andready the book. anne is EPIC but if i hear her name one more time i might scream!

  176. Cheerleader says:

    I am reading “Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary”. It has amazing pictures and understandable text. I love it! So if you are looking for an Anne Frank book, get this one!

  177. Matt says:

    Gosh, like, why am I so happy that Anne Frank died. O yea, because she was a Jew. Hitler was on to something when he was trying to purify the white race. I think it was funny anne lived in an attic. Everyone should keep some jews in their attics. It’s a good place for them. The nazi’s should have tricked her by throwing pennies on the ground. I bet the whole Frank family would have been there to pick them up. lol, that would be funny. Here jews, come get your pennies and wham, slap them upside the head with a rifle and off to the oven. I like my jews extra crispy!!!!!

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  179. Sylvia says:

    Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It will always be useful to read through content from other writers and practice a little something from their websites.

  180. sam sneed says:

    Another Jew hater ….from the Netherlands. Oh well.

  181. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written much better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this information to him. Fairly certain he’ll
    have a great read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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