World’s strangest airport names

Posted: June 24, 2009 in others
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When people are fighting to name airports in India, I found a report on the names of a few airports very weird funniest, rudest and strange.

Australian airports Useless Loop, Broken Hill, Woodie Woodie, Wagga Wagga, and Wee Waa have also been enlisted. The list has been compiled by flight search database Skyscanner.

According to, Skyscanner scoured its database of over 10,000 airports around the world for the purpose.

The airport are recognised by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).izarre airport names

1. Batman Airport, Turkey

2. Useless Loop Airport, Australia

3. Mafia Airport, Tanzania

4. Moron Airport, Mongolia

5. Ogle Airport, Guyana

6. Brest Airport, France

7. Eek Airport, US

8. Black Tickle Airport, Canada

9. Pickle Lake Airport, Canada

10. Raspberry Strait Airport, US

11. Airports that may offend

12. Old Crow Airport, Canada

13. Fukui Airport, Japan

14. Gaylord Airport, US

15. Pratt Airport, US

16. Shafter Airport, US

17. Dang Airport, Nepal

18. Ponce Airport, Puerto Rico

19. Fort Dix Airport, US

20. Tsili Tsili Airport, Papua New Guinea

21. Fak Fak Airport, US

22. Airports you may prefer not to fly to

23. Red Devil Airport, US

24. Asbestos Hill Airport, Canada

25. Deception Airport, Canada

26. Bloodvein Airport, Canada

27. Slave Lake Airport, Canada

28. Broken Hill Airport, Australia

29. Rifle Airport, US

30. Deadhorse Airport, US

31. Danger Bay Airport, US

32. Colon Airport, Panama

33. Strange sounding airports

34. Woodie Woodie Airport, Australia

35. Wee Waa Airport, Australia

36. Wagga Wagga Airport, Australia

37. Wuhu Airport, China

38. Gorom-Gorom Airport, Burkina Faso

39. Xingning Airport, China

40. Puka Puka Airport

41. Kar Kar Airport, Papua New Guinea

42. Muko-Muko Airport, Indonesia

43. Flin Flon Airport, Canada


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