Shoe garland on Budhha statue

Posted: June 25, 2009 in others
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I was shocked to see a statue of Lord Buddha with a garland of footwear in Geneva, Switzerland. Do the shopkeepers not get any other idea to attract customers other than by hanging shoes on a statue of Gautam Buddha? The The 4-feet wooden statue is also highlighted with spotlights. It hurts to see a great man who renounced earthly pleasures and found enlightenment is being treated in this manner.

buddhaThis is not the first time that such incident has happened. In the past, the portrayal of Hindu deities on undergarments and toilet seats had enraged the Indian community.

  1. Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha (Bengal Buddhist Association) says:

    The Buddhists of India are deeply hurt by reading this news. In a meeting held on 28th June 2009 at the Bauddha Dharmankur Sabha, Members have registered a strong protest to this blasphemous act and the disrespect shown to Lord Buddha which is highly derogatory. The Buddhists have not taken kindly to this blasphemous act of the shopkeeper playing with the sentiments of this peace loving populace. They have also demanded that the shopkeeper not only remove the statue of Lord Buddha from the shop but should also be punished as per law and that they should also render an unconditional apology to the world Buddhist community and the citizens of the world who have high respect for the Buddha.
    We also thank Mr. Prabhat Choudhary and his family from Patna for having highlighted this issue or else we would have not known of the disrespect shown to Lord Buddha.

  2. Garia Bauddha Sanskriti Samsad,Kolkata says:

    We, the Buddhist of Kolkata, are very much shocked to note that a footwear shop owner of Geneva showed great disrespect and dishonor to Lord Buddha by garlanding a statue of it with a pair of shoes. We simply do not understand why the particular shop owner tried to dishonor Lord Buddha who occupies a prominent place in the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world. We fail to understand what prompted the shop owner to perform such a heinous act. I,on behalf of the Buddhist of Kolkata, strongly protest the blasphemous act and urge the Govt of Switzerland to take appropriate action against the faulty shop owner as per law.

  3. Sifar says:

    Wow, just wow, who would put a Hindu god in undergarments?

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