Man marries off his 8-year-old daughter in exchange for second bride

Posted: June 29, 2009 in social issues
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Strange are the ways of men and stranger when it comes to wedding. Anybody will be shocked to know that a father of three daughters married off his eldest daughter to marry a woman. Not some filmi story, but a reality.

A Pakistani father has been detained after allegedly marrying off his eight-year-old daughter in exchange for a second bride.

Abdul Rasool, 50, who has three daughters, allegedly wanted to tie the knot with Haseena, 19, who was already married.

He wedded off little Zahida, the eldest amongst her sisters, with Haseena’s younger brother Dilshad, 17, in exchange for his marriage to the mum-of-two, according to his wife Perveen.

The ceremony was reportedly held on June 25 and the youngster’s rukhsati was planned for July 1.

Qari Naqeeb Ali Shah, who performed the nikah, said that he did not know about the girl’s actual age. “I did not see the girl while performing the nikah. Before the nikah, the witnesses told me that the girl’s age is 16,” he said. He added: “They had covered the girl with her ‘dupatta’. I did have a doubt when I saw her hands when she was placing her thumb impression on the nikah nama but her father assured me that she was old enough.”

Zahida, who revealed she had no idea about the wedding, said: “I was told to say ‘yes’ three times and asked to give my thumb impression.”

Cops took charge after Perveen informed Union Council (UC) 3 Naib Nazim Aurangzaib about the incident.

While Rasool and Dilshad were taken into custody, police were also on the look out for witnesses who were present at the nikah.

Meanwhile, Rasool has denied the claim, alleging he was given a drink laced with some medicine. He said: “I was not present during the nikah ceremony and I have no recollection of it.”

The arrested men were due to be produced in front of the magistrate.


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