India, a land of rishis and spiritual men from ages, has always believed and trusted in men. Our mindset is built in such a way that we respect all elders and without our knowledge bow our heads when we see men in saffron robes. We never go to the extent of thinking if the person in the guise of a sanyasi or a see is genuinely a spiritual one or not.

Time and again, men have proved us wrong, rather say our belief as wrong, when they cheat us in various ways. Women, don’t know why, get trapped easily to the colourful words of these men and later take time to come out of the shock.

In Karnataka, Nithyananda Swami has been in the centre of a controversy after television channels aired a videotape of his alleged sexcapade with Tamil actress Ranjitha. He openly declared yesterday that the secret video was a part of his private life! He is the same guy who had impressed several people, including one of my best friends in Hyderabad, across the world.

I was surprised to hear when she told me that he was invited to her office for a meditation therapy. Not only she, but her other colleagues were also impressed by his speeches and cunning smile! Moreover, he had even promised her in front of her colleagues that he would take her to Kailash Yatra. She was more than happy to hear that, as being overweight, she had not expected that kind of assurance from a so-called seer!

I told her not to trust others and have faith on herself and her inner power.  Doing mediation is good and to get peace of mind it helps people, that too  who are busy with their hectic work schedule, a lot. But finding a real Guru  who could help us attain that spiritual peace of mind is too difficult and where can we go in search of a Guru like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa? Not all can become Vivekananda and not all ‘Swamis’ and ‘Gurus’ are Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was married to Sharada Devi and yet attained the supreme level of spirituality. He had seen the life as life and he never told his disciples to remain brahmacharis to attain spiritual moksha. Even in Christianity, many clergies are married and have families. A person gets curious to know about things which are denied to him. According to a mythological story, even Narada Maharishi marries and experiences earthly life, even though a mere dream. Buddha became a sanyasi after he got a son and not before his marriage.

So why should one become a see or a sanyasi to please others? First they should please themselves and their inner soul before putting the saffron robe and preach others.

In this case, Nithyananda Swami, who was Rajashekhara before becoming sanyasi, had not seen and experienced the life to the fullest. He gave up his earthly life at a young age, after finishing his Class 10. He became Nithyananda (‘Nithya Ananda’ means, “Happy Always”). Only god knows why he chose that name, whether to keep others happy or to keep himself happy! A teenage boy gave up earthly pleasures and went in search of spirituality (?) and succeeded in getting lakhs of devotees across the world. The interesting thing is within 2-3 years he amassed wealth worth crores of rupees and opened branches of Dhyanapeetham in several countries.

And now, people are angry over his alleged sexcapade. He has lost trust among his own followers. A Guru (Nithyananda) without a Guru (as he didn’t have any Guru and was not a disciple of any other spiritual Guru), now needs a real Guru to teach him a befitting lesson for cheating so many innocent devotees is what I feel.

  1. sulochanosho says:

    A good objective writeup there on Nithyananda. It is not just applicable to one Swami Paramahmsa Nityananda (or Nithyanda). There are thousnads of Nithyanandas and Mythynandas amidst us in the name of all holy names and religions. Some where, we may sense that Spirituality and Sexuality are no different and they are two wings of the same bird, or they are to be rightly merged and bridged to lead a very sane and natural life. Many times our so called ‘holy beyond’ talks are misleading and confusing. Life is just now, just in its barest grossest elements. Any way even these words of mine are also may tend to be confusing – words are always like that. Thanks.

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