He was a young promising techie, all 24-year-old, coming from the land known for sugarcane growers, Mandya. He had passed his Mechanical engineering in distinction. It was not difficult for him to land in a good position in any company, but all he wanted was a job in Tata Consultancy Services. Reason was simple: the girl with whom he was in love was working in TCS. A girl who was also from the same place was selected to the company through campus interview.

Why am I telling all this? There’s a reason and you all should know it. Let me just go to the flashback before coming to the main point. Deepak Marigowda was very intelligent and passed in distinction throughout his studies. It was his percentage in Class 12 which made his parents to enroll him for Mechanical Engineering. He was a promising student, but away from home, life in the hostel and you can imagine the rest…

In his second year of his course, he met Pallavi from Nagamangala, also from his own district. She was an IT student there. It didn’t take much time for their friendship to end in love. Everything looks fine when there are no responsibilities and life looks colourful during college days. Their love went stronger and stronger by each passing year and she was selected for TCS in the campus interview. He was very smart in his studies and his friends knew how he even helped his girl in her studies too.

After their studies, the girl joined TCS and he too soon followed her, because she meant everything to him and he didn’t want to lose her at any cost. After a month’s training in Bangalore both were posted to the Chennai branch. Their love continued without any hindrance until the girl’s parents came up with wedding proposals. Everything was normal and sweet till then and suddenly, the girl changed her mind. She was ready to give up her love and guy for the sake of her parents. Coming from a Brahmin family, she feared that her parents might face problems in the future if she gets married to a guy who was a Gowda. She even started avoiding him telling that if she marries a Gowda guy, it would be a problem for her younger sister to get married in future.

Things began to worsen very soon. The love of five plus years started taking a backseat and honour of her family became an issue. The guy told about his affair to his family members. Though they initially resisted his wish, they agreed to visit the girl’s parents to seek her hand for their son. Father of the girl insulted the parents of the guy and didn’t allow them to enter the house as they belonged to a different caste. The girl kept silent and the guy’s family was humiliated.

The pain of rejection and humiliation to his family was little too much for the guy, he even thought of ending his life, but his friends’ timely intervention just saved his life and he was immediately shifted to a hospital, where he was admitted for three days. After his discharge, he continuously called the girl, her father, her uncle and other family members telling how much she mattered for him. He cried and begged for her hand, he told them if he doesn’t marry her he would end his life, but no, no words made the girl or her parents to change their mind.

He often wondered if it was his mistake not to go ahead with a registered marriage when the girl had told him once in Chennai, as they were from different castes. He wanted the nod from both the families and had refused her idea. But god alone knows why things change and all are puppets in his hands!

He had saved all her letters, SMSes, cards and had recorded some of their conversations on his cellphone. He might have not imagined that they would come in public later… On May 22, 2011 he decided to put an end to all this… How? By committing suicide and leaving behind a series of questions in his death note… Sample a few of them:

  1. Why two laws — one for girls and another for boys??!!
  2. If a guy cheats a girl, the whole media gangs up against him, NGOs sit dharna in front of the guy’s house, they book cheating case against him, and make sure that somehow he marries her and gets justice.
  3. If a girl cheats a boy, why bury the issue?
  4. Didn’t she know that I was a Gowda when she fell in love?
  5. Who will give justice to me and my family?

He also told that he couldn’t imagine his life without her. He was not ready to marry someone else in the future as he couldn’t imagine anybody else in her place. All he could say was he was cheated by her and she was responsible for his death.

Now, what next? Will media fight to get him justice? Will NGOs get time to sit dharna in front of the girl’s house? Will police book cheating case against her and make sure that Deepak’s soul and his family gets justice? Will this also be buried like other cases? Who will answer Deepak’s questions??!!

  1. guru says:

    i hv same questions. mine also same case. till april 8 . i was like anything to girl. aftr seeing a boy on april tenth . she hates me . till frm 2008. she shared evrythng with me even. we were in live in relatiiship. she was cooking in my house eating drinkin sleepin i got splenty of het things at my home . she is gettin married on july 7. i dnt kw wat to do. i called her begged her. those ppl threatenin me n my family . last yaer also she ditched lik this. bt aftr knein she is pregnant agian she came to me and touched my legs her frnds also convenced me. i acceptd her. nw if ask thos frnds they tel now she dont like u. very gently they tel move on. hw can i frgt her? feels lik go n hit tat girl as well as her sis and frnds . guys dont hv any protrction. i hv allproof photos while she was cooking sleepin all pics wich is personal to us. if boy ditchd a girl then also ppl hit boy if girl ditchd evryone tells move . i hate our system .we both r brahmins . i caled her elder cousins n all . till april 8 from 2008 she was in love april 10 2011. she loves the person saw tat day only . girls r really bad i love u deepak. if we all die then also our system supports girls only . we need purasha samaj.

    • arjunpuri says:

      I’m really sorry brother. Sad to know u too were cheated 😦 don’t know how to console u… if she can ditch u even after getting pregnant, u can knw which type of a girl she is… try telling the guy who’s gonna marry her… see if he can help u out from the situation… don’t lose ur heart, just be brave and think she was not worth ur love…

    • Hombal says:

      Hi, yes, I agree with you that its heartening to see and feel that someone you loved so deeply deserts you. But, nevertheless, you too should try to know what really went wrong. My dear friend, I suggest you to indulge in some soul searching job instead of crying…..
      I can only feel sorry about your plight…And I feel that love doesn’t mean either to beg or blackmail someone, instead it only knows to sacrifice..
      Try to meet her and convince her…. As you said, if she is not interested in either meeting or responding to you, you must wait for a right opportunity or try to approach her through your ‘best common friend’ to redress your problems. I am sure that during your long and live-in relationship, you must have had your share of ups and downs. For any woman, she looks for a secure life.
      Ask yourself few questions in this regard, like: Were you able to give her that during your relationship with her? What was she looking in you, which you were not able give it her, where as she found it instantaneously in other guy and she has even consented to marry?
      Having said these things (you might even call it, mindless preaching) to you, dont think that I am giving her clean chit to her…. After trying all these things, you can term her as a cheater or whatever you wish to but certainly this episode of yours does not call for a evolution of PURUSHA SAMAJ and it also does not call for exposing of intimate pictures shared between two of you…IF you try to do any such thing, it will only harm your reputation of being a man and also ruin her marriage… after all she has given everything — which even today, by any woman standards — to you, when she lived with you, so, dont even let the thought of keeping those intimate photos as your evidence to prove your relationship with her….because there is nothing left to prove. Mind you, relationship was between you and her and let it reamin so….

      • arjunpuri says:

        Hats off Hombal. See being a guy u can understand his feelings better than me. Hope Guru gets some solace by your words 🙂 U too know how a woman can ditch a man… 😦

  2. guru says:

    i hv all proof corporate mails frmone year till april 8 pics msgs
    threatening msgs frm her sister
    bt no use
    we need to keep quite.
    can u please give address of deepaks house??
    i want to go there n hv to cry. my parents cry fr my situation. fr them i m living. i wont die. wil face it. bt i giv advice to all my male frnds pls stay away frm girls . if u love get married atleast register marriage wen girl loves u. she may hate u tomorrow
    pls girls dont do lik kind of thing with any boy pls . u people can easily frget the things n move on but fr guys its very very difficult sry impossible
    for them no one listen also

  3. guru says:

    i think she lied abt pregnancy. not sure. tat time she tld lik tat convenced me.
    i hv number of guy who id marrying. . if i shown all the things marriage wil def stop. aftr tat i dnt kw wat may happen to me scared. girl wil tel she dnt lov me

    • arjunpuri says:

      OMG… that’s bad 😦 if she had told a lie to u abt her pregnancy, she can tell lies abt anything. If u r scared, just leave the matter, just think she doesn’t deserve ur love and she was nt worth a good guy like u…

  4. guru says:

    its not the proof wich i hv kept.
    wen i bought new digicam n phn wec had clickd many.
    without informing me she just called n said she is getting engaged by next week. my sis marriage also being fixed. aftr tat we wil b getting married .second time i knw the pain hw i convencd my parents . i brought al the things fr a life fridge washin machin gas coat ac.
    had given a ring on valtentise day. wat els shal i give. i cant open my heart n show her pic .
    i tried to convenced a lot bt she is enaged nw . maeriage is in july .
    i knw at the last evryone ask boy only. evryone point at boy only. few clashed was happened it was common kind of . frm few days she startd avoiding me. sudden she called n said she is enegaged.
    i hv good job of six lacs pac.
    her father was against love marriage. i asked her let me meet once she nvr evr took me to her native.
    nw wat to convence she is roamin with another guy. also date is fixed. tats why im thinkin wat to do.
    if the rrlationshp was on phn n roamin i wud hv moved on .
    im tried to move on . bt again the same case . admittd to hispital.
    evrytime why i should keep quite? last time i kept quite. didnt harm her didnt do anything . again she came again ditchd .
    again i need to keep quite this time also.

    • arjunpuri says:

      I can understand ur plight. Y dnt u jst try telling abt ur feelings to the guy to whom she’s getting married to? No guarantee that she might come back, but at least u will hv the comfort that u too hv a voice against her deeds. Let her new guy know hw merciless she is and hw she is cheating him too. try ur luck. but all i can say is she is nt worth of ur love 😦
      jst tell that guy, the rest lies in his hands. even if she comes back (chances are bleak, as she has stooped to a very low level already) pls, pls dnt accept her, she may ditch u again, as it has become a habit for her…

  5. Gops says:

    Arjunpuri… Its unfair for such an unfortunate incident to be given colors and flavors that it doesn’t deserve. Relationships make and break. Reasons could be many.. even married couples decide to part when things don’t work between them. When relationships don’t work, there has to be willingness and patience to make it work. Becoming desperate and possessive will not help convince the family and the girl to accept him. Attempting to end his life only shows Deepaks immaturity to handle rejection in life. What if he lost his job one fine day, will he commit suicide?

    Also, his action of storing and using SMSes, conversations without anyone’s knowledge and later using them points to his obsessive compulsion and attitude to take revenge.. certainly not love for the girl.

    Not all the things in life come easy and are in our control. He is certainly not the first guy to have met with a rejection, so why take the extreme step of ending his life? He needed counseling and medical help.. not recognizing that at the right time (after he tried suicide the first time) is the issue here.. his parents need support to recover from this loss and legal recourse or revenge is not going to them their son back!

    Law is perfectly fine where it stands today, its an individuals responsibility to safeguard him/her and in fact, if Deepak survived this suicide attempt, he could even have been arrested as that too is illegal in India.

  6. guru says:

    hi all
    please dont take evrythg is easy. wen someone ditches then only he or she can realise hw much pain in that.
    its like killin a person frm backside
    i agree. we shouldnt die. bt moments will come. evryone wont be lucky wat they thnk tat happens easily.
    three years i was the one laughin these kind of ppl nw i realised the pain.
    all is wel
    only we can pray. god wil punish the person who is cheated like this.
    so i wil pray fr god to punish. some hw i wil try to frget. i wont do anything to anybdy. why i shud degrade myslf . i nvr done bad to any person. thnx arjun puri fr ur support. onething i want to tel i was nt mistake its totally a fraud tat happend to me.
    Thnx all
    al is well.

  7. guru says:

    without proof nthng can be proved.
    dont talk very lightly.
    evryone wont be lik u or its depends o. his or her nature.
    law is behalf of girls tat evryone knows. ask ur mom she wil also tel yes fr this. ask any mother then u wil get right ans.
    today he or she likes tom he or she hates. think tat suddely put knife while u r hugging him. wat u wil feel ha?. u were nt at al expectd.
    talking is very easy.
    hi arjun pls delet my al comments.evry dog has its own day. nw me nxt day ppl who laughed . coz i was talkin lightly two years back.
    tnx all

  8. Susheela says:

    I strongly believe life is too precious to be abandoned for the sake of a person, whoever it is, and legal actions cannot restore evaporated love.

  9. guru says:

    i agree susheela . bt till april 8 it was like ocean. april tenth its evoparated?? i dont want it to be restored . bt guilty ppl shud be punished .

  10. PreetIstillloveyou says:

    This seems to be the new fad. Girls using boys and dumping them.Let me tell you my story now. I am 33 now, when I was 23 I met a girl but I was in London and she was in Australia. So we could only hardly meet but we felt strongly for each other and hence started to go ahead with the relationship. She used to call me hubby! Then one day in 2005 she told me her parents had fixed her wedding and she got married and I could not do anything. But this is just an average story with everyone. So for 2 years from 2005-2007 she did not contact me and I did not try to contact her either as she was married and I wished her well. In 2007 suddenly out of the blue she emails me asking me for some advice, then exchanges emails and phone nums and then tells me how her husband is abusive and hits her and asked me how I feel for her and I told her I still loved her, so she then visited me once in 2007 and we went to Switzerland or rather I took her to Switzerland. Then she moved to UK in 2008 and lived with me for 2 years in a home I paid for, I took her alll around Europe on the money i earned. Then she said in 2010 that she did not want to live in UK and she wanted to go to Aus and I shld go with her and I said no problem and I decided to take an unpaid career break from my job and go with her to Aus, then she changed her mind and said as her parents lived in India and she doesnt have any brother she wants to live in India so I agreed to that too and decided to move to India, I sold all I had, took an unpaid career break from my job and moved to India 9 months ago, once in India she refused to meet me and within a month of my arrival in India she dumped me and in Jan 2011 moved back to Aus. I have never felt so used and abused. What do I do? Did she not even think once?
    I guess I see it like this, The western influence has made women into the worst possible god diggers possible and as soon as the man’s use is over they do not think twice and they move to the next man. This is sad.
    I am now in India for last 9 months having not earned a single penny and having only wasted my time and money and I feel suicidal all the time. Its been almost a year since I last saw her on 14th June 2010, I cry everyday, I have not slept more than 3 hours in any day and I do not what to do now.
    Please Guys Do Not Trust Girls anymore. Please dont.

  11. guru says:

    hi man realy urs also a. very sad story . girls can frget any kind of rrlatioshp at one shot . they can easily move on with any guy. just they want their comfortable. in one word they will end the story. “yes its my mistake im sorry now i cant live with u”. there is no any ethics love care n pricipal left.
    july seven 2011 her marriage. i knw evru detail with whom she marrying n a pics . bt my paretns says dnt do anythng. if girl cries evryone supports her only.
    if i smethng did this leads to quarell police manythgs . police wil always talks in money. i askd many ppl shall i tel evryhng to that guy who is marryin to her. evryone askd me to keep quite god wil punish her bt there is no any god concept. i always feel lik to do smethbg so that evryone get to know wat n how she ditchd me . dont kw wat to do

  12. yashu says:

    hey guys we need to do some thing for deepak….really…he and his family wants justice.how come pallavi changed her mind man….its reaaly difficult to understand..
    the similar situation too happened with m,my boy n we wer almost 5 years in a relationship but as pallavi did,he acted d same bringing up issue of caste n about his sisters n his family.i could not do any thing like deepak,wat i could do was just sit n thinking how could all this happen….???
    he too gettin married very soon with the girl his mom has choosed for him and he loves her very much…
    really when some one really goes through such pain comes to know wat d hack is our life n how wonderfull is love…!!
    deepak’s soul and his family should should get justice for watever pallavi did…
    it wont matter if we young indians stand for our beloved frnd who died for his love…we are with m until his soul rest in peace…..!!!!

  13. guru says:

    nthng can we do. if guys do smethng or atleast raised voice against girl. thn we r the only who wil get hit by others police evryone. see wat i hv done to my girl? nthng she married on july 7th n changed her marital status to married. n kept the photo same which took in my house only in orkut. do u kw hw it feels. i cried again trying to frget her impossible. still im trying.she is happy dng wel. im the one spoiling my life here . she can sleep with any guy. i cant imagine also bt she is dng tat.
    its al cz of possesiveness n love

  14. iamnarendra says:

    Same is what happened in my case. I study in one of india’s top B-Schools. I loved a gril when i worked in tcs. She forgot me as soon as i left tcs and came for my higher studies. When she left me it was like hell and i even tried commiting suicide. All of a sudden she changed her views. I was out of my college for a semester. And you know what happens when you are out of college for one full semester in an IIM.

    Her father uses his contacts in police to treaten me and my family. When he sent police to my home i showed them all photos. Still they tell me that i have to look into the life of a girl. Wont people realise that boys also have lives and they also need to live. The best solution to put an end to this is to start a portal containing information about such cheating girls and boys. Only if stuffs go public they will learn a leason. One girl one boy relation is all just a buzz talk. Girls to be frank need as many men as possible.

    I am not afraid of those threatening calls which her father makes. I am determined to get an answer for their family what so ever is the case. That is the only way we as boys can change the view that the society has on a girl and a boy. I accept girls or equal to boys in every way. If so why is our society has different views on each? People say “All are equal before law” then why is law acting different to boys and girls ? Girls nowadays are using Equal rights to get oppurtunities, and law which is favourable for them to get shelter if they commit a mistake. Its we guys who are exposed naked to all. Girls nodays think they can achieve anything over a guy by just showing of they bodies.

    I dont blame all girls. They are many who are pure as a diamond. But unless those pure diamonds voice out against girls like these the bad name which the bitches earn is going to be shared by those pure diamonds also. When I mean Voice out it has to happen in public to attain a meaning. Believe me this is not going to sustain for a long. If you girls wanna enjoy the equal rights option for ever this is not going to be the way. This way is only going to get your great grand daughter back to kitchen for ever.

    I am planning to start a forum with a motive to put this act of bitches to an end. I need supporters who are willing to teach a bunch of bitches a good lesson. Mail me at iamnarendran with your views on it. Expecting support.

  15. guru says:

    Dude i have all cosy pics i kw girls husband id phone number
    if i send those pics he wil sure divorce her i was abt send waited fr her marriage to finish. Bt til nw i didnt send. Coz again they will prove us tat we were black mailed with those fotos n asking fr money. Wen we failed . These posy pics shared girls r cruel nw . They wl think abt them. .Again girls family hit us only . Ultimate we again a loosers
    feel lik to kill tat girl n her sis.
    I think u hv read my story at the top. I saw on her husbands brothet blog in that he mentioned abt his brothers marriage date last year in oct only. She ws knwin the date of marriage bt she was sleepin wit me til her marriage
    they need jus sex til fr their marriage
    . Dnt cry fr these kind of girls. I hv cried fr four month finaly i saw tat blogs posted date i came to my track.

    i was wrkin in mindtree . Last month i left it. That girl name is vimala devnur workin in accenture.
    The idiot who married is vishnupriya sharma . Realy she is now cheatin this poor guy. now she is lik SATI SAVITRI

    hope god wil teach them a lesson i knw hw much me n my family cried they can take bath in tat

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