After a long time I wanted to watch a Telugu movie just by seeing the poster of it. I felt Arundhati would be different from other love stories where hero and heroine will be busy running around the trees. And at last, got the time to watch it yesterday night when Vij was not there.


The theme of the movie is revenge and it continues till the very end. Arundhati aka Jakkamma (Anushka, aka Anushka Shetty, a Mangalorean of course!) is getting married to Rahul (Deepak) and celebrations galore all around. A couple from her relatives is visiting Gadwal, her old ancestral property and village where Arundhatis’ ancestors ruled and on the way the couple meet with an accident and visit an old fort to seek help. But there is an evil locked up in the old and derelict fort that is seeking freedom. The evil spirit is Pasupathi (Sonu Sood), who has vowed to take avenge on Arundhati and her family.

Gadwal was ruled by Arundhati’s father who has another elder daughter who was married to Pasupati, who is a hardcore womaniser who goes about philandering the entire village. Unable to bear the torture and humiliation young Arundhati’s sister commits suicide and this enrages the young princess Arundhati. She takes it upon herself to punish Pasupati for all his sins. She gives an order to have him beaten mercilessly and killed, and left for dead. Unfortunately, he is saved by a group of tantrics and nurtured back to health by them. Pasupati stays with them and learns black magic and once proficient in the black magic, comes back to Gadwal to take revenge on Arundhati and her family.

Sonu Sood, Arundhati3

Arundhati though a warrior princess, is still no match for the black magic powers that Pasupati possesses, but yet manages to defeat him by impaling him under a chandelier and cutting off his tongue so that he cannot speak out the magic or use his hands to work any magic.


She intends to kill him right then and there but is warned not to do so, as that would set the evil spirits within him free which would be even worse.

arundhati-drumsong-aArundhati then has Pasupati buried alive and a cemetery built around him while he is alive. The evil person is imprisoned, dies inside later and waits to be set free from his prison so that he can have his revenge on Arundhati and her family.

Several generations down the line, a girl is born into the royal family of Gadwal. She is named as Arundhati and her marriage is settled with Rahul. By a turn of events, she is lured to Gadwal and to her old derelict ancestral fort where the evil spirit is set free.

She is helped in her quest by Fakir Anwar (Sayaji Shinde).

Arundhati can be branded as new kind of thriller with a high-end graphical and special effects rich movie.
The graphics and special effects were mind-boggling. The screenplay doesn’t deviate from the main storyline.
After watching a few doubts arose in the mind. We are informed that Pasupati can be killed only if he gets to human form, but the evil force doesn’t go into any human body, yet Arundhati kills him. What happens to Pasupati’s mother? Why did she become a spirit? Why did Arundhait’s elder son become a spirit? Who is Arundhati’s husband?

Anushka is backbone of the movie and has given knockout performance. But she is not that effective in her latter role.

Sonu Sood as evil force and womaniser is exceptional. He brings venom on to the screen with his deadly looks as Satan. Sayaji Shinde in the role of fakir is also wonderful. After Anushka and Sonu Sood, his character plays the major role in the movie and he has delivered it with finesse.

But the story doesn’t have emotional basis. The revenge is purely personal unlike other movies. The graphics and visuals in climax look very pale.

Looks like the dance sequence is taken from Chinese film House of Flying Doggers but looks pale compared to the original. Many graphics have resemblance to Lord Of The Rings Triology.

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