It was most unexpected for both me and Vij. When we reached Manoranjan theatre at 9 pm to watch Passenger, there were no people. When Vij asked at what time does the show starts, the person at the ticket counter coolly said: “We will start the film when people come!” We had gone all the way from MG Road to Mekhri Circle to watch that Malayalam movie.

We went for a small stroll along the road and went back after 10 minutes. We had lost hopes of watching the film and then came a Santro car with a couple and a small kid. The answer they got at the counter might have amused even those couples and the kid. The kid kept on eagerly looking at the gate to see if anyone else came to watch the film. Then came another car with four people. The kid was happy to see four more people and asked his mother: “Give me a five. People are coming!”

We stood wondering at the situation. If we had got seat, we would have just watched Hangover, but bad luck, it was housefull.

At last, the person gave the ticket. It was a small theatre which could hardly accomodate around 100-150 people. The person asked all of us to sit in the last row (supposedly balcony according to him). The rest of the seats were plastic chairs.

Three more people joined a bit later and totally, there were only 12 people in the theatre.

Sathyanath ( Sreenivasan), who works in a private company, has some strange habits. He travels from his native town to Kochi, where he works, by train. The moment the train crosses a bridge he dozes off. And he wakes up at a particular point. One day, after an over time duty, he wakes up and gets acquainted with Nandan Menon (Dileep).

Nandan Menon, who is an advocate, always stands for truth and justice. He respects the law and always thinks of the welfare of the people around him. Nandan Menon’s wife, Anuradha (Mamta Mohandas), is a television journalist. Nandan meets while heading towards a hotel room where he will be alone for the night, as his wife s away on an assignment, covering up a news story of a politician (Jagathy Sreekumar) that has been rocking the state. Anuradha comes to know the other face of the politician and escapes from the hotel with her laptop, which has the evidence. The politician kills the guy who helped Anuradha to get the evidence and put the blame on her and her husband.

Police are hand-in-gloves with the politician and look out for Anuradha. Menon is assaukted and kidnapped in front of Sathyanath in Guruvayur. Sathyanath rushes to help the lawyer whom he met in the train a few hours ago.

At last, he succeeds in getting the video taken by Anuraha published in television channel and help Nandan from the clutches of rowdies.

The movie is different from the usual “thrillers” in which an inevitably invincible hero fights against all odds and conquers evil. The story gives a refreshingly different perspective, that of a common man used to an uneventful life, who does not hesitate to jump into the strangest adventure in his life, out of compassion for another human being.

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