Dogs can be great stress busters

After Dinku passed away, my dad is so engrossed in other things that he hardly finds time to indulge in a fitness routine, forget about going for a morning walk. It was not the same with him earlier. He had a walking partner in Dinku, who liked to jump at the mention of walk in morning. Evening he gave company to my mom. Together, they used to go for a walk, rather say, a fitness walk. Now, I feel how dogs come to the rescue of human beings, acting as true friends as well perfect walking companions. Health is wealth and a dog at home can help maintain health of the family and save money. If there is health, no need to frequently visit the doc [docs will curse the dogs ;)].

Dinku always had time for us, come rain or sunshine. He had to be taken for a walk twice in a day. It made my parents to take him along for a walk regularly. So, even if they were not in the mood for a walk, he kept them pestering, till they gave in and put on their walking shoes. When he was there, they hardly missed their walking sessions.

Dogs can be great companions. Once my parents developed a routine of walking with him, he ensured that they follow it on a regular basis, that too at a fixed time. He never ever let them forget that it is the time for them to get up and get going! Specially, he had that capability of charging my dad up, enhancing his energy levels, so that he walked faster and with much more enthusiasm. Need not to say that it burned more calories and improved his overall fitness levels. People never believe that he has crossed 60 years! Dinku served as a great stress buster and walking with him helped us forget all our worries and relax our mind as well.

I strongly feel that walking with dogs or say dog walking is one of the cheapest and most enjoyable ways to ensure fitness. My dad has made several friends. Many small kids in the neighbourhood talk to him and fondly approach him for he allowed them to talk and go close to Dinku. Yeah, Dinku was close and loves to play with children 🙂 Not just children, if we walk with our dog, we end up making new friends as well.

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