Good time to be in the Mideast: survey

More than half of respondents to a recent poll suggested that it is currently a “good time to be in the Middle East” with 65.1% of those surveyed expressing their positive sentiments about job and economic prospects in the region at the moment.

The poll series, ‘Change and Challenge in the Middle East Job Market: How is it Viewed?’ was conducted online between March and April by job site,, using a sample of 9,708 respondents from across the Middle East, explained a spokesperson.
While 42.2% of respondents said that they believe now is a better time than ever before, 22.9% said it was as good as any other, as opposed the 24.9% who suggested it was not a good time.

Following recent events in the region, 56% of people in post-revolution Egypt said they expect improvements, while across the Middle East, 50% said they anticipate positive developments after the uprisings.

Asked where blame for unemployment lies, 47.1% blamed their governments, 7.3% the private sector, 5.2% the education sector, 6.3% blamed individuals themselves whilst a third suggested that all applied. sales vice president Amer Zureikat said: “The results of our most recent poll showed that despite recent changes occurring in different parts of the region, the Middle East is still considered to be a great place to live and work.”

“The report also indicated several changes that governments should be considering in order to improve their country’s employment – in light of the recent turmoil, I believe we will be seeing a lot more of these come to light,” he added.

Respondents also suggested that governments could improve employment by creating public sector jobs, fostering a better business atmosphere, creating jobs in the education sector, improving labour laws, preventing corruption and improving transparency, with almost half suggesting that all of the above could be carried out to improve employment opportunities in their country.

“Very interestingly, the vast majority of the region’s respondents (59.3%) also felt that there were many highly qualified professionals and few good jobs which could indicate that the region does in fact need to create more employment through more transparent means,” added Zureikat.

However, the overall message of the poll was positive, as 65.1% of respondents said they are hopeful about career prospects, and 64.7% expressed optimism about their countries’ economies.

Respondents also expressed their belief that the internet is helping employment, with 32.5% saying it helps to a huge extent, 22.7% saying it moderately helps and 44.8% stating it slightly helps.

(Source: Gulf Times)

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