More jobs in K’taka?

Do we have more jobs and less aspirants? Is it the same country where young graduates cry for employment and a few even end their lives when they fail to get one? While the new economy is creating more jobs that never existed before, it is also transforming older, more traditional work. Earlier, secretaries and assistants took dictations, typed and filed them, but now, the same positions require an ability to work with computers and business productivity software. The result is a growing demand for a higher-skilled workforce. But there it comes with its negative aspects as well. It always poses a big challenge for low-skilled and less-educated workers. Even in a growing economy, many jobs may be inaccessible for aspirants with low levels of education. In fact, rise of the digital economy has reduced employment opportunities for less-educated world-wide and it comes as a sweet surprise that the Central Placement Cell (CPC) has more jobs to offer for not only graduates, but also to undergraduates in the State. It’s not utopia! It is indeed good news that the State has more non-tech jobs to offer. Kudos to CPC for building a bridge between the employers and the prospective employees.

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