Will a ‘common man’ throw food?

I was shocked to see Pravesh Rana, former Mr India, one of the finalists in Bigg Boss, throwing food articles in the swimming pool. He repeatedly said that his act was to teach the two inmates a lesson and show what a ‘common man’ can do. Though I didn’t realise why he was doing so, I had to ask my friends and go through the previous episodes, which I had missed, to know reason. But whatever be the reason, he losing his temper seemed to me like he’s trying to follow Rahul Mahajan who came out of the game just before the grand finale of the show.

What is actually happening inside? I think he’s feeling insecure from Vindu Dara Singh’s relaxed attitude in the house. Moreover, I feel he’s a shrewd player and knows very well that he doesn’t have a chance of winning against Poonam Dhillon and Vindu Dara Singh, and so started playing emotional card of being a ‘common man’. And may be that’s the reason why he’s pleading with the audience that every common man should vote him, as he was one of them. I think he’s worried that Vindu and Poonam’s celebrity status may cut down his votes. He is projecting himself as a ‘common man’, who is fighting against the celebrities.

I wonder how and when did he become a common man? He’s a celebrity after winning becoming Mr India in 2008. ANd when the game is near to end, he’s ‘realising’ and wants to imitate the virtues of a common man!

When Poonam tried to explain him, he still said that there were other things more important than “his throwing the food in the pool”.

I wanted to see what would be the reaction of Pravesh about his behaviour. I wondered if at all he would regret his action.

Poonam Dhillon advised him to not take things to heart. She told him that he is on the sunshine of his career and a loving, cordial behaviour will take him places.

Vindu Dara Singh also told him later that before throwing food, he should have thought about what his friends and family would think about the incident and of course, about him!

Not surprisingly, Pravesh said he was sorry to hurt Poonam and Vindu, from the angle of respect towards their age, but never seemed to be apologetic about his action!

He openly told Poonam that he had decided to make the Bigg Boss house a living hell for its inmates by throwing all the food provision in the pool.

Keeping aside all this, let me think this way. Does a common man not have respect for food? Our parents and teachers taught us to respect food and to never waste it. How far is it right to waste food just to capture attention? Do these people really know how several people struggle for one square meal?

We see many children going hungry. Which common will dump food like him? He made sure to cut tomatoes and throw, so that they cannot be used again! I never expected a celebrity, oh sorry, a ‘common man’ to be so mean! 😦

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