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Whenever I watch Tom and Jerry, Iwonder how the tiny rat could outsmart the big cat. Then I console myself thinking that it is just a cartoon meant to entertain kids. But today when I came across a report which dubbed a field mouse as the bravest m,ouse in Britain, I was little surprised.

A field mouse was able to fend off a cat from its natural habitat by standing up to it outside its nest. It made itself as big as possible to the cat after it ventured too near to its nest in Swavesey, Cambs.

Instead of running for its life, the mouse squared up to its larger opponent and stood his ground. Eventually, the cat got bored and turned away, before the mouse went back into its home.

Field mouse scares off its predator

Field mouse scares off its predator

“It was incredible, the little mouse stood up and seemed to be roaring at the cat,” said Wendy Rothwell, 45, who spotted the encounter in her back garden.  “The cat was much bigger than him and could have killed him at any moment but he didn’t seem to care. He seemed to be prepared to do anything to protect his home. He must be the bravest field mouse in the country.”

Pic courtesy: Google