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Television is rightly called as idiot box, not that it is idiot, but makes us idiots. How many times I and Vij have fought over the TV remote control? He wants to watch cricket match and I some serial or movie. When he wants to watch Malayalam movie, I insist on Tamil, Kannada or Hindi. Like us several people might be fighting for that tiny instrument to watch their favourite programmes. Amir Khan’s ad on Tata Sky make it more obvious.

I didn’t find it strange when I read that a Taiwanese killed his mother over a TV remote control.

Su Peng-sheng, 43, was watching television at home  in Nantou City near Taipei on Saturday with his mother, Hsiao Ching-chou, 64. While he wanted to watch a documentary, his mother insisted on watching the news.

In the quarrel, Su’s mother grabbed a wooden stick to hit him. Su pushed his mother, causing her head first to hit the wall and then the corner of a table. He then rushed his unconscious, bleeding mother to a hospital, where she died on Monday Su was charged with homicide which carries a minimum of two-year jail term.