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Now, that TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao has succeeded in getting the nod from the Centre for a separate state for Telangana, he will be considered to be a hero. Earlier, Potti Sriramulu had resorted to the same method and Nehru had to yield to the demand for Andhra Pradesh and bifurcation of states on linguistic basis.

Sardar Vallbhai Patel brought 500 provinces together after Independence and gave us one united India. And now, leaders, rather say, separatists are hell-bent on making separate states.

A seperate statehood during 1968-69 was meaningful and possible because most of the Telangana area was predominantly occupied by locals and few people were settlers from other states and Andhra region. People of Telangana are not on par with the people of Andhra and Telangana is backward compared to Andhra in various factors. Now, after 40 years, a sea change has taken place in Andhra Pradesh, including Telangana.

The creation of Telangana state will definitely have a ripple effect on the length and breadth of the country, leading to further balkanization of the country. It will encourage regionalism, linguistic chauvinism and fanaticism. Though smaller states with compact areas may witness better development, the experience with Chattisgarh with huge mineral resources, has taught a good lesson to people. It has witnessed unparalleled looting of state’s mineral resources by politicians, who have feathered their nests by leasing the mines to private parties.

When the whole world is thinking in terms of globalization, people in Andhra Pradesh apparently seem to remain local and don’t want to move ahead with the rest of the world in race for development.

How genuine is the demand for a separate state? Unlike Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh is geographically not that vast. Telangana may lose the advantage of unified Andhra Pradesh, as the coastal Andhra is rich in agriculture and Rayalseema has vast mineral wealth. The new state may not be economically viable.

Now that the Centre has agreed to the political pressure, there will be a demand for a large number of such new states like Rayalseema, Vidarbha, Saurashtra, Hareet Pradesh, Bundelkhand, Purvanchal Pradesh, Bodoland, Gorkhaland. Not just there, even in Karnataka, people will seek separate states for Coorg and North Karnataka, which will only further jeopardize the integrity of the country.

Creating a seperate state will not solve the problems of Telangana, but will add additional problems for the new state. Instead of creating a new state, the Centre could have generated more employment opportunities, establishment of large and small scale industries, eradication of illiteracy, child labor, poverty and gender equality. It could have supported agricultural sector and helped in bringing down the prices of essential food grains and meet the basic needs of a common man.

The Centre should have thought of resolving the issue which is acceptable to all regions instead of unilaterally imposing a decision. Anyways, it is time to roll up sleeves and get down to smart work. It is time for leaders to develop all fields — education, science and technology, trade and commerce — to make Telangana’s economy a strong and vibrant one.


I expected this to happen. The controversial book at last made the BJP to expel veteran leader Jaswant Singh from the party membership. Not just the membership, the 71-year-old leader, who has held the portfolios of finance, defence and external affairs in BJP-led governments, has also been stripped of all the party posts, thanks to the praises on Jinnah in his new book — Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence.

Without even reading the book, how can the party come to a conclusion that Singh has done something wrong? A writer has full freedom to express his views and many have even done so. And this is not the first time Singh’s writings have created controversy. In his previous book A Call to Honour: In Service of Emergent India in 2006, he alleged that there was a mole in the prime minister’s office in the 90s during the tenure of P.V. Narasimha Rao, who leaked information to American sources.

Party president Rajnath Singh informed the leader, who arrived in Shimla Tuesday afternoon for the three-day ‘chintan baithak’ (introspection session) of the party, Wednesday morning not to attend the baithak.

The former Union minister has not only earned the ire of party leaders for his book, but also majority of countrymen who think very conventionally about Jinnah and Pakistan.

If thought practically, what’s wrong in eulogising Jinnah? Jaswant Singh has done a five years of research and has come out with the book. It might be true that Jinnah was ‘demonised’ by India, while it was actually India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru whose belief in a centralised polity had led to the partition of the subcontinent.

Jaswant Singh has been a member of the BJP since it was formed in 1980. It is very unfortunate that the party put an end to his 30 years of service just because he wrote a book. Instead of calling him and informing about the expulsion, the party president could have gone in person and informed him. Else, he could have asked Singh to step down from the party.

It is ironic that India Today magazine had portrayed Jaswant Singh as Hanuman and the BJP considered him as Ravana! It is really sad that taking a non-conventional view on Jinnah and writing a book on him can destroy a veteran’s political career.

He’s not the only person being targetted like this for his views. There have been several writers facing such expulsion and humiliation for making their views and opinions public across the world.

Time and again political parties have showed their true colours and bared their enemosity towards muslims in general and Pakistan in specific. Why are we so paranoid and consider every Pakistani as an enemy? We are not ready to accept the fact even Ravan had some good qualities. Expressing views regarding any individual is his/her personal opinion. You go with it or not is your choice. If Jinnah has good points, why not accept them? Why not congrtulate Jaswant Singh for being true to his conscience?

I always thought the BJP has several men with good academics and who have been allowed to air their views openly compared to other parties. I often admired the integrity of the top few leaders in the party since my school days. But the action of expelling Jaswant Singh for merely writing a book and airing his views, which may not be historically wrong, makes me feel very bad. I still wonder how can a person who cannot even win an election on his own is a president of BJP and can easily expel a veteran like Jaswant who has many more commendable deeds to his credit.

Democracy without dissent will be very dangerous for the country as it will stifle genuine and frank opinions, which may not always be palatable to the majority, be it in the BJP, Congress or any other party. It is a question of the mindset. Parties should have an open mindset to welcome a dissent or a different opinion from members. Parties should help members to express their contrarian views without any fear.