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At last, my doubts got some relief. I wondered how Jacko would be buried, for he had convereted to Islam and changed his name in th elast years. I was curious to know if Christian last rites would be followed to lay him in the rest or the Muslim rites!

And to end my curiosity, I saw a report which revealed that Jackson’s family might go for a traditional Islamic burial rituals for the late pop legend.

“The family is considering the Muslim burial traditions because they believe Michael would have wanted to be laid to rest in keeping with his new-found religious beliefs,” quoted a source as saying.

“Michael’s brother Jermaine is educating the family as to the special rites because he feels it’s important to bury his brother according to the Muslim way,” added the source.

Despite earlier reports that both public and private memorial services for the late music performer have been set to be held this week, there has been no official confirmation yet from Jackson’s family on the location where his body will be laid to rest.

Jackson reportedly converted to Islam in late 2008, years after expressing his interest to join the faith. He later on changed his name into “Mikaeel”, which was meant as a reference to the name of one of Allah’s angels.