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Posted: April 7, 2009 in movie
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I was curious to see Ayyan not just because my friend Usman resembles Surya in every angle, but also because of global popularity it got even before its release. Usually the posters of the world’s top films are displayed at the metro station in New Jersey. For the first time Ayyan achieved this honour, as the film posters were displayed at a metro station in New Jersey.

ayan2The film brings the scenario behind the lives of smuggling groups and their daily activities, besides giving a visual treat with scenes shot in various countries like Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia.

ayan3Pursuing a postgraduate course, Deva (Surya) a typical youth lives with his mother (Renuka) who aspires him to join the government service one day. Instead, he works as a courier for Das (Prabhu), who brings in smuggled articles from abroad to Chennai without getting caught by customs officials. Their rival Kamalesh (Akashdeep Saigal) goes to extremes to defeat them, thus leading to a bloody confrontation as they go for each other’s throats. Meanwhile, Deva falls in love with his friend’s sister Yamuna (Tamanna Bhatia).

ayan4Surya and Tamanna’s romance is funny and enjoyable, giving a comic relief. The car chase and action sequences are excellently shot, especially those done on the streets of Congo. Though storyline sounds familiar, the well-made narration and captivating visuals are the plus points.

ayan52The two touching scenes still haunt me. Drug addicts and peddlers should be made to sit and watch the movie, where Surya’s friend goes under knife to get the drugs removed and loses his life. Smugglers do not show any mercy and cut his belly, in fact his intestine to remove drugs!

ayan6Another scene where Kamalesh seduces his own employee’s daughter by drugging her and the plight of the father after seeing the pictures of the duo.

Surya’s fans will enjoy the movie and the locations are simply superb…