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I still wonder why Vij went gaga over Kurbaan. He was very appreciative about Saifeena starred film which compelled me to watch it.

Avantika (Kareena Kapoor), a psychology professor in New York, comes to India to be with her ailing father. She joins Delhi University and meets Ehsaan Khan (Saif Ali Khan) a teacher teaching about Islam and its studies.

As expected the duo fall in love and despite reservations about Ehsaan being a Muslim, Avantika’s father agrees for their wedding, before both leave for New York to start a new life.

In New York, Avantika finds a job for Ehsaan at a local University. They start looking out for a house and Ehsaan doesn’t seem to like any of the houses. Finally, through an advertisement, Avantika finds a house which even Ehsaan also likes.

Their neighbours are conservative Muslims and they invite the couple for dinner. At dinner, she is taken away from Ehsaan into another quarter where the women of the house dine separately. The inmates of the neighbourhood seem to blindly obey Nasreen and her Bhaijaan. Salma visits Avantika the next day and asks her not to trust anyone. She reveals that her own life is in danger and she needs help from her friend who is a journalist.

Avantika meets Salma’s friend and seeks her help. Even before Salma could get any help, she is killed by the inmates of the house. Avantika is shocked to know that her husband Ehsaan is also involved with them and is in fact a terrorist.

Terrorists bomb the flight carrying the UN delegation and a few journalists, including Salma’s friend. Salma’s boyfriend pitches in to help Avantika later.

A series of bizarre events turn Avantika’s life upside down and drive her into a morass of emotions that spin madly out of control.

Avantika comes to know that Ehsaan was married earlier and had lost his wife and four-year-old child in Pakistan. Though they give reasons for being terrorists, nothing seem to convince Avantika. She feels very lonely and does not want to give birth to Ehsaan’s baby.

With the help of Avantika, the journalist joins the group of Ehsaan and goes ahead to execute a plan when a former colleague recognises the journalist. Hell breaks loose and the journalist shoots at Bhaijaan. Bhaijaan dies, not before calling Nasreen to execute the plan of bombing major places.

Ehsaan becomes wild when he realises that Avantika is also being used as a suicide bomber. Both he and the journalist, separately, go in search of Avantika and Ehsaan finds her and kills Nasreen before defusing the bomb hidden in Avantika’s handbag.

As the journey of evil is short lived, cops surround the duo and Ehsaan is fatally wounded. The most touching scene is when Avantika asks Ehsaan: “What’s your name, real name?”

The film ends with a tragic tone, death and terror, which of course has no end.

After watching the film, I could just say that the film has similarities with New York. Kareena’s role has similar shades to that of Katrina Kaif’s in New York. Both Katrina and Kareena play wives to husbands who are actually terrorists. Both try to mend the ways of their husbands, but in the course of time fail to do so and meet a tragic end. At least, New York offred a visual treat with its beautiful locations and I’m still wondering what did Vij find so capturing in Kurbaan!