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Though I told Vij that I’m not interested to watch Love Aaj Kal, he was insistent that we catch the movie in a theatre with Rajeshattan and Viji. We really wondered after all, what did the hero and the heroine really wanted? Not just we four, even others present in the theatre screamed when Rahul Khanna screamed at Deepika Padukone and asked her to make it clear what she actually wants in life. Throughout the film, we were confused about what do they really want?

Jai Vardhan Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and Meera Pandit  (Deepika Padukone) strive to be different than run of the mill couples. So when their career takes them away from each other they decide to call it off for practical reasons. One of Jai and Meera’s regular hangout is a restaurant owned by Veer Singh ( Rishi Kapoor). Veer disagrees with the current generation’s outlook on love and relationships. He advises Jai against letting Meera go away from his life. Veer and Jai have polar views on love and relationship. Veer tells Jai about his ardent love for Harleen Kaur (Giselle Monteiro) back in 1965 based in Delhi. Meera and Jai never really get over each other even when Meera starts seeing Vikram (Rahul Khanna) and Jai is dating Jo (Florence Brudenell Bruce). As parallel love stories of Veer and Harleen and Jai and Meera realize that though lovers may speak and behave differently true love culminates into the same end in every era.
love-aaj-kal-8The opening scenes portray how Meera and Jai hook up, establish their relationship.

Meera’s character is well etched out depicting the outlook and approach of a modern day woman. Meera is a girl who carries her relationship with thorough dignity not once imposing her feelings or begging for commitment from her boyfriend. Later, she walks out of marriage, truly coming of age.

Veer and Harleen’s love story is cute with stolen glances, unspoken words and covert gestures.

While we were sure about Jai and Meera’s reunion, we had to wait till the end to know the fate of Veer and Harleen’s love story.

We had seen movies with flashbacks, parallel editing but Love Aaj Kal has parallel stories culminating into similar joyous climax.

For the first time, we saw something of a so called break-up party. Who knows people might throw a party to break up also!

It’s a feast to see some nice locations.