Chand-Fiza saga

The Chand-Fiza saga has seen yet another twist today with Haryana’s former deputy chief minister Chander Mohan alias Chand Mohammed saying that he “loves” his first wife Seema and their children and was “missing” them, three days after he abruptly left the house he shared with his second wife Anuradha Bali alias Fiza.

Two months ago, Chander Mohan, 43, son of former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal, created a stir by converting to Islam to marry former additional advocate general Anuradha Bali. He had publically proclaimed his “true” love for her and left the lucrative political post, wife, children, father and property.

“I love Seema and my children,” Chander Mohan said, after resurfacing from a three-day hibernation.

On being asked about his second wife Fiza, 37, who allegedly attempted suicide, he said, “I respect her.”

Fiza said she will leave to the “people of the country to decide what is happening with her”.

“I will not make any comments till Chand comes in front of me,” Fiza said reacting to her husband’s comment that he was “missing” his first wife and her children.

Asked about her next course of action, Fiza said “wait and watch.”

She also said, “I will not leave Islam…I had embraced it from the core of my heart. It is not in good taste to play with sentiments of a woman and religion. I belong to a middle class family….all types of questions are asked to me, but nobody is asking any question to Chand Mohammad as he is from a big political background.”

Distraught Fiza had created a stir early this week by claiming that Chand was abducted at the behest of his family but it was denied within hours by him over phone. Chand said he had gone on his own.

A day later, Fiza was rushed to a hospital in a semi-conscious state, following an overdose of sleeping pills and blood pressure tablets.

But Fiza yesterday denied that she had attempted suicide and dismissed reports that relations between Chand and her were “strained” leading to his going away without intimating her about his whereabouts.

The much talked about affair and wedding had cost them dearly, both had lost their high-profile jobs. When everything was on the right track, what went wrong? Why did he leave Fiza?

What happened to his promise in front of the media that they will live together till the last breath?

When others are busy being in power, I had wondered at his courage when he lost his seat for the lady whom he said he ‘truly’ loves. He had openly declared that he has no regrets about losing power and stauts.

If he ‘loves and misses’ his first wife within two months of his second marriage, what was the need of converting to Islam and marrying Anuradha? If he wanted the attention of media so badly, there were several other ways.

How can people trust a person like him who has no stable personal life? If he cannot take a firm decision about his wedding, how can he take decisions about political issues which will have  larger impact on society?

Only time will answer the questions about his step and decision. Let’s wait and watch.

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