Lumbini Gardens

Getting a weekly off after a tiring and hectic work is like a bliss and catching Tess of D’Urbervilles on some Tuesday had been on my schedule for the past so many days. But this Tuesday afternoon, Rajeshattan called me to tell that Viji was feeling bored and wants to go on a drive. Though not interested, I had to agree when I came to know that it was their second wedding anniversary.

Vij and Rajeshattan had heard about a new place near Hebbal and we headed towards that. After a long, indeed a very long drive, we reached the place, only to know that it was Lumbini Gardens.


Lumbini Gardens is near Hebbal flyover, on the Nagavara Lake, reportedly developed with a grant of Rs 10 crore.
Since it was Tuesday, the place was not crowded,. The entrance fee was Rs 30. There was a special ticket costing Rs 300 which included all the rides and amusements inside the park.

wave pool
wave pool

From the parking space, I saw a huge statue of Buddha, but couldn’t go near it, as that part was not open for the public (May be due to some renovation).


The major attraction of the park is boat ride. There were motor boats apart from pedal boats for couples. Small children were having a nice time with their parents and we could see several young couples with on pedal boats.


Though the garden is not huge, it gives people a chance to relax with family and friends over a weekend.

Vij and Rajeshattan
Vij and Rajeshattan

We saw an artificial wave pool and a children’s play area. This section is the most crowded and the most enjoyable one. The length of the pool is about 100 meters and small kids take a dip and enjoy the waves though they aren’t huge.

Rajeshattan and Viji
Rajeshattan and Viji

There were a few food stalls, including a Coffee Day outlet, and after taking a stroll, we ate a veg sandwich, enjoying a quiet time with a lake view around and a cool breeze (of course with mosquito bites!).


After the sunset we headed back towards MG Road to catch New York.

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