A peep into M.F. Hussain’s controversial pics

Posted: March 18, 2010 in social issues
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Got a mail yesterday which is doing circles among people. If a person dresses like a Sikh Guru, thousands of Sikhs gather and destroy their establishments, threaten to kill him, announce a bounty on his head – Sikhs are not criticised for being communal and intolerant.

If a Danish cartoonist depicts Prophet Mohammed, Muslims all over the world rise in anger, there is violence, a booty on the head of the cartoonist – Muslims are not criticised for being communal and intolerant.

If M.F. Hussain draws paintings depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses’ positions (not in the ancient texts at all ) and Hindus merely protest, they are called communal, intolerant and taught lessons in secularism by one and all.

The problem apparently is not with the Sikhs and the Muslims, it is with the Hindus, because they are not violent, they accept whatever is dished out to them. They do not have the guts to say that this is wrong, they seek acceptance from outsiders rather than from their conscience. They worship the same Gods and Goddesses but don’t stand up for them when the time comes.

Goddess Durga's union with Tiger

Prophet's daughter Fatima fully clothed

Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shri Ganesh's head

M.F. Hussain's mother fully clothed

Naked Saraswati

Mother Teresa fully clothed

Naked Shri Parvati

Hussain's daughter well clothed

Naked Draupadi

Well clothed muslim lady

Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana

Muslim poets Faiz, Galib are shown well- clothed

Fully clad Muslim king and naked Hindu Brahmin. The above painting clearly indicates Hussain's tendency to paint any Hindu as naked and thus his hatred

Naked Bharatmata - Hussain has shown naked woman with names of states written on different parts of her body. He has used Ashok Chakra, Tri-colour in the painting. By doing this he has violated law & hurt National Pride of Indians. Both these things should be of grave concern to every Indian irrespective of his religion

Out of the four leaders Mahatma Gandhi is decapitated and Hitler is naked. Hussain hates Hitler and has said in an interview 8 years ago that he has depicted Hitler naked to humiliate him and as he deserves it ! How come Hitler's nudity cause humiliation when in Hussain's own statement nudity in art depicts purity and is in fact an honour! This shows Hussain's perversion and hypocrisy

  1. TJ says:

    Your point is well made about the sensitivity of Muslims to anything that is perceived as blasphemy but it not just Hindu deities that are subject to less than respectful treatment. The same thing happens with Christians especially in the West. Consider the play and movie “The Last Temptation of Christ” or “The Da Vinci Code” which both cast Christ in a light that most Christians would not view as respectful and perhaps even blasphemous.

    I am a Christian – albeit not a conventional one – and am married to a Hindu but I have sufficient assurance in my own faith not to be bothered by this sort of thing. What does it matter if someone chooses to place a different interpretation on Christianity, or Jesus Christ or Paul. Does it change the substance of what I believe?

    I think it marks a certain maturity to be able to brush aside some of these perceived slurs and insults. The fact that others choose to be reverential or offensive about another faith does not change the substance of what one believes.

  2. prakesh shah says:

    It is totally against HINDU such person should not allwed back to our contry.

  3. Dinesh says:

    According to me as a Learned person, Hussain must show little
    respect to the other relegion before doing such paintings. He have to understand one thing that he is going to insult the feelings of hundreds of persons.

  4. Prof. Bhagwat S. Goyal says:

    M.F.Husain’s controversial paintings reveal his sick and perverted mind, his sex-starved imagination that could take liberty only with the Hindu liberal ethos, but could not dare to make any denigrating paintings about the revered figures in Islam and Christianity, because he knew he would be roasted alive by the islamic extremista, fundamentalists and terrortists. This coward has naturally settled in Qatar where he rightly belongs. He owes his entire fame and contribution to the world of paintings solely due to his being an Indian. But he chose to be ungrateful to the country that gave him everything. The rape of India is every Islamist’s dream which he shared from the bottom of his heart. .His paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses and other Indian characters is just classy pornography.His repressed sexuality needs to be psychoanalyzed.

    • Priyatham says:

      “The rape of India is every Islamist’s dream”

      You must be an extremist to make such a generalized statement

  5. Siva says:

    The author has fantastically put her thoughts and analysis in a neutral way. Yes being a Hindu we are calm and composed and any Neutral Muslims should come out protest against the Hussain’s indecent behaviour.

  6. ripper says:

    the work that has been done by m.f. hussain wnt be ever forgotten.better he is not allowed to come back to india.people like him should feel guilty on their birth also.he must not be called a painter but a riot

  7. raja ts says:

    please dont waste others time. hindus have better jobs to do than finding out why this dirty fellow depicted hindu goddess so nasty. all hindus know this. why again give publicity and make this fellow big. just neglect such elements.

  8. Roman says:

    I think his work is mind blowing. India’s verision of Picasso. He has some controversial pieces but which artist didn’t? Like it or not there is no one like him.

    • eramme says:

      he is far,far,far behind Picasso. HUSAIN IS NOT EVEN A GOOD ARTIST IN FACT HE DOES NOT NO HOW TO DRAW. Just a man without knowlege of art.

      • Ritabrata Chakraborty says:

        none of you guys are looking at the colors..i dont think a single educated Indian would mind it…let me ask the question…was Leonardo DA Vinci criticized when he drew the pics relating to JESUS and Mary…

    • kapil says:

      wow, these are wonderfull painting which are actually showing the gods and goddess of our religion. this is infact what we are…

  9. aryan says:

    M.F HUSSIAN means “mother fucker”, “madarchod” hussain.
    if he comes in front of me i pledge on the name of this country india “i will rip his head off” and through his body in between hungry crocodiles.

    IF respecting hinduism means ,HINDUS are communal then proudly i say “with time hindus should become communal ,otherwise we gave pakistan, west bengal is converting,kerala converted………Kashmir hindu disgracefully thrown out from there home in hindu country-india”
    why do muslims of india forget that they there forefathers were basically hindus,and they were not able to defend there honour and lady so became muslim……….they were converted on sword/………..

    i respect secular india……..we have been secular..never attacked any country…..but god knows in time to come history will be rewritten……….
    IF same situation of dishonouring hindu gods persist then future generation will remember hindus as we remember “mongols-changez khan” today.
    we are peaceful race ,oldest civilization 2.5 crore(18 kalyuga) years old.dont test our patience…….we gave yoga,surgery and “zero” to world……….
    dont force us to eliminate other race….we have never done that but our honour is seriously at stake………
    1 crore in “mahakumbh” are not fools……….get my point…….
    long live secular india – if you want other wise go to hell………

    • Marufa Hakim says:

      ISLAM does not accept prayers of those who pray forcefully……

      I know its wrong to hurt n e religion’s sentiments…….as m too against of it….

      But Muslims previously were not converted on swords……..get some knowledge before commenting such things…… know the religion first before criticizing……. I am a Muslim and I proudly say I do go to temples and churches and gurudwaras as well……..

      But never in my life have criticized n e religion..As far as I know Hinduism is a peaceful religion….but ma friend please note down or learn Islam for the sake of humanity as it is also one of the most peaceful religion I know……….

      Every Muslim is a proud Indian…….but wat can dey do One they are not more educated Two they r not accepted…..and Three there are many people forcing them to go back rather than rising high……

      My concern is just to add to your knowledge that they were nt forcefully converted………Remember Islam gives freedom to everyone to follow any damm religion they want and that is a big fact about the liberties of the religion……..


  10. rohan says:

    Hinduism…hmm..let me see….are you talking about the religion that portrayed ALL its goddesses semi-nude (even nude) before the advent of Islam in India? Please, gentle sirs, take a look(even a cursory one would do,the fact is that obvious) at the temples in Khajuraho and Konark. The sari-clad ‘mata’ is a recent phenomenon. Have you ever been to Kamakhya temple complex? People rub vermilion on a naked goddess’ generative organ and breasts in the complex itself. In Konark, one may see Shiva and Parvati copulating to the amazement of neo-Hindus. Your version of Hinduism is the product of interaction with Islam, a religion you so blithely discredit. How many figures wear a sari or even a flimsy blouse on the walls of Khajuraho?
    The goddesses in the ancient sculptures are way more naked and “objectionably” clad. Add to that the not-so-unusual scene depicting them in some stance of sexual union. Please, do not direct your energies towards some mythological personages . Instead, understand Hindu philosophy and appreciate it. The fact that most Hindus did not react (like you wanted them to) goes to show that they are unfettering themselves from a medieval interpretation of Hinduism. Go for philosophy, not mythology. It is a shame you care more about a naked draupadi than a gem of an artist whose work earned our country such recognition in the art world.

    • david6eckham says:

      So whats the big deal when a Danish guy shows nuhammedfuckingnakedAllah

    • Thilak says:

      Mr i want to know for which religion you belong to?

    • Thilak says:

      Hi Rohan if you are damn interested in his paintings ask M.F.Hussain (mother fucker) to paint your naked photos if you wish your parents too. Even you will get so called recognition.
      Damn you dare to speek about Hinduisam by the way i want to know your religion for which you belong to .



    • Vivek Gopinathan says:

      I agree with Rohan. People who are going over the top don’t seem to have even the most basic understanding of what Hinduism is about and it’s original state of being. In tropical India, clothes didn’t matter, and they did not for the Gods either.

      • Venu says:

        Hahaha..great that you understood essence of Hinduism my friend. Go to a pub, take a shot, have fun and then come back here are again give us some lecture on what Hinduism is and its basic understanding.

    • abhishek says:

      ROHAN for u ignorance is Bliss ….. hav u studied the khajorao art tht u speak with such authority n pass judgement …. here r facts
      1. only 10 to 15 % of all khajorao art depicts nudity .
      2. no goddes or god is decipted nude in those art xcept one of shiva n parvati with depicts the creation – as hindu mythology has it ( please do read no tht subject too.)
      3. none of these nude art are inside the temple premises…..

      point no.2 i guess also answers ur point on Konar Temple.

    • Venu says:

      Oh OMG, all this while I am thinking where are these sarees that Hindu women are wearing come from? Because of our brother Rohan, I was enlighted! Cut the crap and think reasonably. Are you telling that Hindu women started covering themselves with sarees only after the advent of muslims? Whom are you trying to fool with your foolish barks? With due respect, the sarees that our Indian muslim mothers and sisters are wearing are the alm of Indian civilizatoin. They did not come along with Islam. Think before you post non-sense.

      Indian civilization started thousands of years back, during then, the so called Islam has not even existed. The temples which you mentioned were inspired by / built hundreds, if not thousands, of years back and in those years, do you expect people to weave and stitch blouses?? How stupid of you to expect that? And it is those scriptures and sculptures in the temples that represent the purity, not the Hypocratic nudity that MFH has scribled. When one see a women feeding her child, you should admire the motherhood and motherly love in her but not the voluptuousness of her breasts. Similarly, when you see an ancient temple with symbols of God, you should only admire the antiquity of the scultpure and significance of temple. One should not drool looking at the private parts of the Gods and Goddesses.

      Also, as per your case, where Indians started covering their bodies only after Islam came to India. Do we have to take it in such a way that, before Islam came, women are safe and felt secured that their chastity can be preserved even with no cover on but after the intrusion of islamist tyrants, they felt insecured and have to save themselves by covering?

  11. prem says:

    this is really ridiculous.

  12. david6eckham says:

    So whats the big deal when a Danish guy shows nuhammedfuckingnakedAllah & muhammedwiththebodyofapig.

  13. vinod kumar says:

    Any one who did this type of thing should be punished.
    Is it M.F.HUSAIN or a normal hindu

  14. hindustani says:

    m.f.hussain is big motherfucker…..any panter should create his naked mom wid a pig or pork…..

  15. Shiv patal says:

    What the F**** u all talking about? If u think painting naked is crime then why do we have all naked status on our temples? What about Ajjanta ellora paintings…. Do any one have any answer ? Don’t use bad word for me I am not favoring m.f.hus but can u explain without any anger?

    • sri says:

      He wud be safe if he had painted Ajjanta ellora naked…
      He wud be safe he has painted gomata naked…

      But why saraswati ? seeta ? hanuman ?

  16. Adam Green says:

    Hey…His name itself explains his character. M.F. is not Maqbool Fida but Mother Fucker.

  17. kapil says:

    As far as Muslims in India are concern they learn how to live a good life in the course of time but we are still living a nomadic life and have a fake and fool believes over many gods and goddess . so we should learn from them rather to criticize them . in our society the equality is still far away from common man while they (Muslims) achieved the highest value of the mankind far before even European society. Our history is based on mythology while they have made their history by bravery and wisdom.
    stop spreading hate, spread love.

    • Venu says:

      Is it my friend? Do you know what is the meaning of the word nomad? One who doesn’t have any stable location and instead who keeps traveling. Check the dictionary once. And in that fact, it the islamic rulers who are nomads because they came from turkey and central asia to this sacred land and the desecrated it.

      How do you think that having many Gods is fake? If you believe that God is powerful, why are you not ready to accept that he can exist in more than one forms? By passing that absolute statement that God can only be one, aren’t you contradicting the very own fact that God is powerful. It is because of the half knowledge people like you India is loosing its glory. Mountains on the other side are always green until you go there and see what you have missed on this side.

      Let me put it in this way. During the ancient times, when the intellect of people and the scope of experimenting is limited, we ( all religions, including Hindu vedas, Christian religious books and Islamist religious books,if any existed really ) were only able to see in one dimension of universe and thought that Our solar system is the only planet and there is only one Sun. But as the science developed and our scope of exploration expanded, we came to know that there are more than one suns in fact. Similarly, when the religions formed and flourished in their respective geographic reagions, they are no extensive contacts between the civilizations and hence everyone thought that theirs is the only God. But when people and civilizations are actually getting together now, people like you are not ready to agree to the fact that there are more than one suns, in fact.

      You amused me when you said we are not propagating equality. Its true that few instances if inequality are still prevalent in certain areas but the inequality is mostly not seen. And you amused more when you said muslims acheived it the highest. You forgot the fact that for a muslim a non-muslim is a sinner. A muslim man is not supposed to marry a non-mumlim girl and vice versa. The very root of the religion is saying that muslims are superior and other are lesser mortals, where did you come from to preach us that muslims attained highest level of equality. Have you ever even made a proposal to marry a muslim girl? Will they allow you live if you do so? Don’t give me the examples of movie stars. Which again rebuffs your argument because for an ordinary muslim it is haraam but for a wealthy it is accepted. So much for your theory of equality. Go and tell these things to psuedo-seculars like you. There are plenty out there!

      Huh, we don’t need enemies when we have Indians like these.

  18. Saurav says:

    Hahaha great F.M Hussain keep it up..

    These are the Very Good Paintings.. What a talent man!! Hats off to u.!

    and i want to see the Naked painting of shree Laxmi,Saraswati and Sita..

    for those who don’t like this paintings just fuck off! am also a Hindu but i like this paintings.. whats the problem to u guys??

    go and see ur nude mother.. Idiots!

    (bhen k lodo tum log madhya pradesh nahi gaye kya?? tumhari maa ki choot waha ja kr dekho BHAGWAN ki kitni saari Nangi (Nude) sculptors hain.. Shiv bhen ka lund parvati ki choot mein lund de rha hai.. wo kya tumhare baap ne bnai hai? usko kyu nhi tut waate??

    Shiv ling : Shiv ka lund parvati ki choot main daala hua hai wo kyu nhi dekhte wo bhi to nudity hai naa

    Natraj: Parvati dacing in Nudity madarchodo Natraj ko kya tum logo k baap ne banwayi hai..

    Tum log befaltu main Hindu Muslim kare jaa rhe ho.. tumhari maa ka naka..

    and Keep it up M.F Hussain

    • Sidharth says:

      Ohbey ma ke lode itni hi agar tere gannd me khujli hain toh teri maa aur behen ko kothe pe bitha aur uski tasvir nikal ke pure india mein laga dekhen ge teri gannd mein itna dum hain.Ek aur raasta hain tu teri ih maa ko chood taki tu bhi M F ban jayega.lode ke baal reply dena zaroor.

    • abc says:

      Abe saurav ke naam ka madarchod katve, Abe phate nirodh ke aulad, teri maa ke muh mein mf hussain apna lund daal ke tujhe nikalatha ka, maadarchod. Apni maa aur behen ko bol, apna chut kholke painter logon ke saame khade hojaye aur apna aap ko bazzar mein bheche. Teri maa ka bhosda, tere baap kitne hai. Ya, cocktail chudayi ka natizaa hai tu.

    • Kuljeet says:

      What’re your thoughts on Prophet Muhammad’s paintings by Danish Cartoonist?

    • hari says:

      can v meet once…?
      i’ll show you wt is a real hindu…….

    • anirudh says:

      He is one of those MMF(muslim motherfucker) who is sending false messages to everyone…fuck u MMF!!

  19. rakhi says:

    saare katue madarchod hain

  20. Adi says:

    i think husain is one of the biggest asshole …………
    the probable reason for his vulgarity is he must have repeatedly fucked his mom sisters and daughters (all sluts) along with their respective boyfriends so, that old rascal has no concept other than nudity , group sex …. etc in his brain (which is in his knees (by any chance if he has one )) which can be seen from his foolish paintings

  21. Ambika puri says:

    Amazing Work!!!

  22. Gabriel Montez says:

    i happy so happy tat this fucking asshole died!!!

  23. anonymous says:

    Grow up kid!

  24. warrior says:

    mother fucker hussain died of aids

  25. Kuljeet says:

    This time Hussain had crossed the line.I don’t see any type of art in this,but hatred and deliberately planned insult against Hindu religion.If Hussain had stayed in India he would have been killed for this offence.

  26. Kuljeet says:

    Its time that first of all ,all the Hindus should unite under one banner and vote for a hindu based party in every election for the next 1 million years.In voting arena all hindus in India need to show up for voting and always vote for Hindu base parties.Its time to throw Congress party away from India permanantly.So that no Katua like MF Hussain insults us ever.

    • anirudh says:

      i completely agree with man!!!thank god he is dead…i am wondering how much he ll have to suffer in hell,he ll belted properly…..cheers

  27. Prashanth says:

    If Hussain can called as a great artist, who will give the award for all the guys who wrote and painted in the toilet wall of colleges and public toilets???!!!!.

    I saw his paintings and remembered my college toilet walls.

    If nude painting is his passion, he could have paint same about other religion gods also.. He should paint the rape of other countries same like bharath matha.

    These kind of psychos are influenced by the activities of their own mother and sisters.. Hence they are seeing those things from the childhood, they thought that is what happening everywhere and in every religion..

    I am happy that he is dead today…..

  28. sri says:

    Poor fellow!!! dint knew that mixing nude and religion was such a bad idea, specially in India. If it was some other country he was already killed for that.

  29. roshan lal gope says:

    M.f.(Mother fucker)Hussain,was a burden for d earth. . .
    its quite pleasin that the bastard died like a dog in other country. . . .
    he deserves this. .
    he was a porn psychic,dty y used to depict al naked photos f gods nd goddesses.

  30. proud to be a HINDU says:

    May m.f.hussain’s soul rest in sins and devils

  31. proud to be a HINDU says:

    @m.f.hussain may ur soul rest in sins

  32. kumar sourabh says:

    yes greatly said.. i am with all my hindu brother …that man shouldn’t have a right to live in india..that bloodly has died …that he got fruit of his offence

  33. mindcruise says:

    “If Husain’s death is a loss to India’s modern art movement, so be it,” the Sena leader concluded.

  34. Raghuram Marur says:

    Good comments…Hindus are brought up in such a way that they understand others’ emotions. However, the statement, “Hindus lack guts” is unacceptable. We have a good habit of forgiving everyone for everything. But there is always a threshold for patience. If things cross a certain limit no Hindu would keep quiet for long!

    No doubts whatsoever, MF was an amazing artist, but it is very unfortunate that he has committed blunders which still hurt the feelings of many people.

  35. abinash says:

    perhaps he thinks that what he always does is right……………………….he has perhaps no logical drive or sense of caution and consciousness of what to do and what not to…………………and perhaps his expression of nudity is basically obscene when it comes to the expression of hindu gods in the nude ……………………….at the same time he draws the portraits of muslims including his mother and sister in complete cloths……………………..and his character in some way shows vulgarity.

  36. mystamanv says:

    I am Hindu and I for one am glad that MF Hussain has created such uproar, anger, and violent reactions from so-called Hindus. The rhetoric of these comments shows just how un-Hindu his detractors are. The idea that nudity is a basis of insult is ridiculous, seeing that most Hindu art contained nudity and it was only in recent times, through the extreme modesty of Muslim and British cultures, that nudity has received the label of taboo. Take a look at your own history.

    Hindus should not be committing violent acts or destroying art work, or celebrating the death of an individual. It hurts your karma and the image the world has of Hindus. Hindus have been the epitome of a strong, flexible, and long lasting religion that did not need to resort to violence or forced conversion to survive, and this will not change.

    Depicting Mother India as a nude woman is not an insult. A woman does not give birth with her underwear on. The naked body is not blasphemous or evil (do you not see the naked sadhus?). Hussain’s work recalls the ancient folk art of India. Perhaps his odd nude depictions of figures entitled with Hindu names could cause alarm to some, but it does not hurt our people as a whole. The violent rhetoric of the so-called “Hindu Right” does.

  37. govind says:

    I am writing very neutrally, but really I don’t understand what’s so great about M F Hussains paintings.
    I think Any body above age ten can draw some lines and create paintings.

  38. Aali Khan says:

    calm down folks!
    it is an individual.
    being a Muslim, i too condemns such time of paintings.
    whether clothed or naked, painting is prohibited in Islam

  39. Aali Khan says:

    no excuse!
    no explanation!
    freedom of speech or though doesn’t mean that you get the license to hurt billion of people feelings.

    Aali Khan

  40. mullah_slayer says:

    Mar gaya madarchod…bhosdi ka….lund khada nahin hota or madhuri “choot” dixit or anoushka sharma par fida tha maa ka lauda….tharki chootad…saala apney gandoo murammad ki apni maa chodtey huey painting banaata to baat thi !!

  41. radhe says:

    achha hua kutta mar gayaa sale ko apne watan ki jameen tak naseeb nahi hui.

  42. rajkumar says:

    hindu ek murda kaum hai parantoo apno ke gale katna achi tarah janti hai,agar isne sudro ko apna bhai mana hota to aaj tasveer kuch aur hoti, aaj bhi agar aap village areas me dekhen to pata chalega ki jinke saath rape hota hai ,ghar jalaye jate hai kuon se pani nahi le sakte,mandir me devi-devta ke darshan nahi kar sakte,gori par barat nahi le sakte vo aur koi nahi nichi jati ke hi to log hai,noukri me bhi written exam clear karne ke baad interview me unhe fail karne ki koshis ki jati hai(mai iska bhukt bhogi hoon). agar hindu ab bhi apna vajood bachana chahte hai sudro ko hindu manana hoga, politics me pramod mahajan ke kukaram daba diye jate hai,bangaroo laxman ko istifa dena padta hai( bangaroo aur dalip singh joo dev ki body language ko study karte to sab samajh aa jayega), choti jat se aai mayavati ke kamo ki parten utari jati hai,ye sab darsaate hai ki asli gunahgar kaun hai.kisi sudra ne sikandar,babar ko nahi bulaya,kisi sudra ne apni bahan-beti ko musamano ko nahi bihaya, isliye hindu apni gareban me dekhe,abhi bhi vakt hai hindu intgrity ko bachane ke liye polictics me sudro ko istemaal naa kar unhe apana bhai ek bar mane to sahi.

  43. Anu ---Hinduism in my blood says:

    The dead bastard will never find peace..in his grave…he will have to pay for his insane deeds… let him go to helllllll.!!!even hell won’t accept him!!!!!

  44. nups says:

    man kar raha hai ki hussain haraami ko abhi …………
    pata nahi hum hindu itne sidhe kyun hai
    koi kuch karta kyoon nahi
    karta hai too uski band baja dete hai

    • Ram Ram says:

      We should kill M.F. Hussain 100000000000000000000 times … The good thing is that he didn’t try to draw his own mother’s picture ….. The dead bastard sure go to hell…

  45. Vishal shukla says:


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